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With Rapid Application Development Platform How To Solve The Toughest Development


Growing user demands flexible and innovative app solutions have compelled app developers to deliver enterprise-grade apps at a much faster pace than before, within tight delivery deadlines. The dependence on manual coding has made the app development process more stringent and time-consuming, leading to an unmanageable development queue. For building agile apps, organizations need to utilize the Rapid Application Development Platform, as offered by HokuApps , which can fulfill their ever-changing business requirements with a convenient, low-code approach. The Challenging Application Development Scenario: An Introduction


Before choosing the RAD platform for app development, organizations need to probe into the major app development challenges lying ahead and evaluate whether RAD platform is the right solution to address them effectively: 1. Modern App Development Process is More Demanding Some years ago, the primary job of the app developers was just to develop the app. Users now require the updates to be introduced frequently, which has added to the load. Solution: With RAD platform, multiple apps can be developed for a variety of platforms within a very short time-frame. This also enables developers to fix bugs quickly and release improvements. Toughest App Development Challenges & the RAD Platform


2. Frequent Change Requests Leading to Heavy Expenditure There is an increasing demand from the users to provide custom apps, that can be easily accessed and have good navigating designs. Failing to meet this expectation costs organizational money and time. Solution : RAD platform helps app developers build apps with engaging and user-friendly UI designs and lets them integrate the necessary data faster. 3. There are a Few Developers with Right Skill Set Hand coding often needs experienced developers who are scarce to find. This causes a huge talent gap barring organizations meets the app delivery deadline on time. Solution: For having low-code requirements, RAD platform can be effectively used by developers with various levels of technical expertise. They can use very few codes and develop an enterprise-grade app that adds value to their business.


4. The Application Delivery Process is Run Manually When an app is developed, tools used for integration and app delivery have to manually configure through scripts, which is a time-intensive process. Solution: RAD provides a common platform to developers and operations team to work together and thus mitigates chances of errors. It also automates the entire application lifecycle from development to deployment.


HokuApps helps businesses create agile and flexible apps, which have responsive design User Interfaces and can be instantly integrated with existing workflows. Our low-code RAD platform lets you develop innovative and flexible enterprise-grade apps at 10x speed in comparison to manual coding. You can build end-to-end solutions through custom-made connectors in HokuApps ’ Rapid Application Development environment, which can easily be integrated with your existing workflows, cut down costs and streamline critical business processes. Thus, our enterprise RAD platform takes care of both your IT and business resources, to help your business get on the path of digital transformation faster. HokuApps ’ Low-code RAD Platform


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