Geographic Features of the World

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Geographic Features of the World : 

Geographic Features of the World Continents Of the World

Mountains : 

Mountains A mountain is a large landform that stretches above the surrounding land in a limited area usually in the form of a peak A landform is classified as a mountain if it reaches at least 1000 feet above its base.

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Part of the Rocky Mountains in North America.

Rivers : 

Rivers A body of water that carries water from one location to another. Such as a mountain to a lake or ocean.

Slide 5: 

The Amazon River in South America

Lakes : 

Lakes A large body of Fresh water. Some examples are the Great Lakes and inland lakes.

Slide 7: 

The Great Lakes in North America.

Oceans : 

Oceans A large body of Salt water. Oceans cover over 70% of Earth Surface Contains over 90% of Worlds Water

Rain Forests : 

Rain Forests Areas that have very heavy rain. 60-70 inches of rain a year Home to a large amount of the world’s plants and animals. Provide oxygen

Slide 10: 

A look at the Tropical Rain Forest

Valleys : 

Valleys Points of Low altitudes. Typically well below sea level EX. Death Valley and Grand Canyon

Slide 12: 

A look at Death Valley in Nevada.

Deserts : 

Deserts An area that receives very little precipitation Nearly opposite of Rain Forest Life is scarce Extremes- Extremely hot during day and cold at night.

Slide 14: 

The Sahara Desert in Northern Africa

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