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 Originated from the late eighteenth century.  Have a curative effect when given in very dilute amounts to sick men and women.  Believed to stimulate the bodys own healing processes natural effective safe  Derived from two Greek words hómoios"- like" and páthos"suffering" that imply "like disease. “

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 PURPOSES seek to heal the patients on the physical mental and emotional levels.  Safe therapy as it utilizes medicines in extremely diluted amounts. Its non-toxicity makes it a fantastic option for treatment of children.  Homeopathic remedies are cheap.  Colds and flu might be effectively treated with aconite and bryonia.  Effective in treating many conditions

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 Effective in treating infections circulatory problems respiratory problems cardiovascular disease depression and nervous disorders migraine headaches allergies arthritis and diabetes. Used to help the healing process after surgery or chemotherapy.  Good treatment to research for chronic and acute illnesses

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 1. Similarity  2. Individualization of therapy for the patient.  The use of the minimal dose

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 Fundamental idea of homeopathy is that the similarity said by the german physician Samuel Hahnemann 1755--1843 in 1796.  This means that compounds capable of causing disease in healthy subjects are used as drugs to deal with similar patterns of disease experienced by ill folks.  He viewed health as a dynamic procedure.  Aimed to excite and direct the bodys self- regulatory mechanisms.

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 Characteristics of the selected medication should be as similar as possible to the features of the illness from the patient.  This nearest match is known as the simillimum.  Similarity might be in the whole person degree taking into consideration the signs and symptoms of this disorder the patients physical build personality temperament and genetic predispositions.  This high degree of individualization isnt always required: similarity may be in a more specific local level particularly in the treatment of acute problems.

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 Doses used in homeopathy range from the ones that are similar in concentration to a traditional medicines.  Vigorous shaking of the solution together with effect or elastic collision during the production procedure is an integral component in the production of homeopathic medicines.

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 Aconitum napellus  Apis mellifica  Arnica Montana  Arsenicum album  Natrum muriaticum  Cantharis vesicatoria  Lachesis  Belladonna  Gelsemium sempervirens

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 calcarea -- carbonica also called calcium carbonate or calc carb it is used in homeopathy to treat symptoms of fatigue depression and nervousness.  Chamomilla derived from german chamomile its used in homeopathy to treat irritability impatience etc..  It is most commonly prescribed to children.  Ferrum phosphoricum Also called ferrum phos or iron phosphate its used to treat symptoms of low power and anemia.  Mercurius-- vivus Also called quicksilver its used to treat symptoms of sweats shaking nausea

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 It is used to treat symptoms brought on by overeating and a lot of alcohol or caffeine. Hypericum commonly called St. Johns wort hypericum is used to treated nerve damage. Ignatia Derived from seeds of a plant this homeopathic remedy is prescribed to treat conditions with symptoms like nausea headache and tremors.  Phosphorus-- It is used to treat symptoms of excessive thirst fatigue and nervousness. CONT...

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 It is used to treat conditions that are accompanied by release such as bedwetting sinusitis etc..  Sepia-- Sepia is the release utilized by the cuttlefish to evaporate from a predator. Homeopaths use sepia to treat symptoms of apathy and fatigue.  Sulphur-- It is used to treat conditions with symptoms of itching burning pains and odor. CONT...

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 It may be used by pregnant and nursing women.  It may be used by both children and babies.  Does not interfere with drugs taken by somebody.  If an incorrect remedy is chosen its completely safe and wont harm the individual in any respect.

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 It may be used for chronic or severe conditions  Individualized system of medicine which treats the individual.  Holistic approach to recovery.  Readily available and may be used by anybody.  Inexpensive and so offer an inexpensive approach to healing.  Can be stored for extended intervals.  Non-invasive CONT...

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 Remedies should be prescribed by a homeopathic practitioner.  Those that are taking homeopathic remedies should also avoid taking antidotes other substances.  Avoid coffee peppermint in toothpaste and mouthwash camphor in salves and creams and very spicy foods.  Should also be managed with caution and shouldnt be touched with the hands or fingers

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 A homeopathic aggravation sometimes happens during initial treatment with homeopathic remedies.  Homeopaths see aggravation as a positive indication that the remedy is a fantastic fit for the patients symptoms.  Some patients may experience psychological disturbances.

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 plant kingdom mineral kingdom animal kingdom diseased cells hormones and healthful cells imponderables

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 60 percent of those homeopathic medicines are prepared from one or more parts of plants.  Leaves flowers roots seeds and berries could be utilised in the preparation of these medications.  All kinds of plant benign poisonous and carnivorous have been used as homeopathic medications.

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 Approximately 20 percent of those homeopathic medicines are prepared from nutritional supplements.  Therapeutic properties of nearly all known metals and non-metals and lots of important compounds are exploited in homeopathy.  Eg. Aurum metallicum golden Kali carbonicum potassium Natrum muriaticum common salt and Silica sand

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 Some homeopathic medicines are derived from specific animal products.  Animal products such as snake toxin snake toxin etc. are used in very minute doses to prepare homeopathic medications.

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 Some homeopathic medicines are prepared using tissues or secretions containing bacteria viruses and other germs.  Thus homeopathy advocated the therapeutic use of miniscule quantities of germs long before the introduction of vaccines.

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 Healthy human/animal cells and secretions are also utilized to prepare homeopathic medicines.  Examples of these medications are Thyroidinum and Adrenaline.

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 Certain energy resources such as magnetism x-ray radiation etc. can also be utilized to prepare homeopathic medications.

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