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The “CHANGE YOUR LIFE” Diet Your PERMANENT Weight Loss Solution Free Report: Why You Dont Have To Waste Your Time Exercising To Lose UNBELIEV ABLE Amounts Of Weight 2

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EXERCISING IS RIDICULOUS UNNECESSARY AND JUST PLAIN SILLY Weve all been conditioned to think that you have to exercise in order to lose weight. Its ingrained into all our minds … “diet and exercise go hand in hand.” The truth is you really dont need to exercise if you simply want to lose significant amounts of weight. Let me explain … Its common knowledge that diet alone makes up 80 to 90 of weight loss depending on who you ask with exercise making up the remainder. In my opinion exercise is completely unnecessary and rather silly actually. You really dont have to waste your time You CAN get down to your optimal weight simply by modifying your diet. That is a fact Just to specify by “exercising” Im NOT talking about working out with weights in order to tone or build muscle. Thats a completely separate thing. Im specifically talking about cardio exercises which are unnatural activities done for the sole purpose of losing weight. Although if you do happen to enjoy doing cardio then by all means continue. But if you hate exercising and simply do it just for the goal of losing weight you really dont have to. Its completely unnecessary. 3

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WHY BOTHER What if I told you that you could lose 50lbs of body fat in 8 weeks just by changing the way you eat … Or you could lose the same amount of weight in only 7 and a half weeks by changing the way you eat AND by also forcing yourself to run on a treadmill for an hour each day. Which would you choose I dont know about you but I certainly have more productive things to do with an extra hour every day … and Im certainly not going to waste it doing something I hate … like exercising. But yes Ill admit it … adding exercise to a weight loss plan will certainly speed up your results to a small extent but its really not necessary. And in the long run youre going to get to the same place anyway. So why bother 4

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EXERCISING IS COMPLETELY UNNATURAL Human beings werent meant to live like this. We are all living unnatural lives sold to us as normal … from the jobs we have to the food we eat to the exercises we are told to do in order to compensate for all the garbage food we eat. Its a viscous cycle. We arent active in our daily lives have sedentary jobs and are conditioned to buy some piece of exercise equipment or an exercise DVD in order to get some physical activity. Its like buying a pet hamster locking him a cage and putting a hamster wheel inside the cage so he can “run around and get some exercise.” How are we any different … How is going to the gym to exercise any different 5

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DIET VS. EXERCISE Diet is far more important than exercise for losing weight. To prove my point … how many people do you know who are physically active everyday as part of their jobs and just cant seem to lose weight Plenty right You can be physically active or exercise morning noon and night but if you have a poor diet or dont have the right eating routines youre simply not going to lose weight. There are many professions like construction workers landscapers etc. where constant physical activity is part of the job each and every day. Generally speaking they are on their feet all day long and get plenty of “exercise” just by being at work. Yet just take a look around your neighborhood and youll notice many who are overweight. I personally know several Zumba instructors who are each 20 to 30 pounds overweight. Yet they teach classes everyday are fitness fanatics and basically “live” at the gym. Since theyre always exercising shouldnt it make sense that theyd all be lean and healthy My point is that no matter how active you are or no matter how much exercise you do everyday it will never overcompensate for poor eating habits. If you dont have the proper plan about how and when to eat I dont care how active you are youre going to get fat Although I will say this if you have a sedentary desk job where you get absolutely no physical activity throughout the day YOU more that anyone else CANNOT afford to have poor eating habits. That just goes without saying. 6

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A PERFECT EXAMPLE Many years ago before I developed my weight loss system my eating routines were not a priority. Many times I would spend the entire day being physically active or exercising in one way or another … and without really paying attention to what or when I was eating. And because I was so active throughout the day I thought that I must have burned off many many calories and therefore I was expecting to be a pound or two lighter in the morning. But when I actually did weigh myself the next morning low and behold I actually put on a couple of pounds. It didnt make any sense to me at the time. I thought I could simply burn off my poor diet just by exercising and being very active. But it turns out I was dead wrong This happened to me countless times before I put 2 and 2 together. This demonstrates how far less important physical activity and exercise are over diet and how absolutely vital the right diet and eating routines are in terms of losing weight. 7

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STICKING TO AN EXERCISE ROUTINE IS NOT SUSTAINABLE IN THE LONG RUN Admit it. You know youre not going to commit to regular exercise everyday for the rest of your life in order to maintain a certain level of weight loss. Its just not realistic Who has the time And lets be real … who actually wants to I know Im certainly not going to commit to it I personally never liked exercising and I still dont Before I lost all my weight 50lbs in 8 weeks I was searching for an easy solution. I didnt want to have to depend on regular exercise to lose weight and to maintain a lean body for life because I knew I would eventually stop exercising and then the weight would creep back up again. I know I dont have the discipline or even the desire to run on a treadmill everyday … or even a few times a week for that matter. I wanted to develop a system that was permanently sustainable … a system where you could lose lots of weight and maintain it for a lifetime without any exercise whatsoever. The fact of the matter is a vast majority of people who start an exercise routine wind up quitting very shortly after. Im definitely guilty of that. I did that so many times in the past … and it was very discouraging. You know youre not realistically going to keep at it for the long term. Now you dont have to … The Change Your Life Diet System is your solution. 8

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EXERCISING IS THOROUGHLY UNENJOYABLE Lets face it. Nobody actually enjoys exercising. Tell me Im wrong I certainly dont enjoy it Exercising is down right unnecessary for the purpose of weight loss. Okay … to all you fitness nuts out there I will admit that YES it will speed up your weight loss a bit. But my point is: why do something you hate if you dont have to … like running on a treadmill. Seriously no one can possibly enjoy that. The end result will be the same … it just might take a tiny bit longer. The truth is that there are many overweight people out there throwing away money every month on gym memberships or struggling to use some ridiculous exercise machine they hate just because they think they have to in order to lose weight … all without getting any results. You really dont have to waste your time … Diet is FAR More Important 9

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“EXTREME” FITNESS DVDS Have you ever wondered why all those “Extreme” fitness workouts like P90X Insanity T25 The 21 Day Fix PiYo CIZE … etc. all have nutritional guides included Its because the DIET PART OF THEM WILL ACTUALLY CAUSE YOU LOSE A MAJORITY OF THE WEIGHT AND NOT THE EXERCISE PART. Sure exercising helps a little … but who wants to bother when the end result will be the same … it just might get you there a bit sooner. The truth is that they want to sell you a product that they can price much higher to make a larger profit. Instead of just selling an eating plan … if they add 10 DVDs worth of useless exercise routines they can then charge a whole lot more money for their product. Plus they have to fill up a 30 minute infomercial with something right Why not show clips of all their unnecessary and unnatural exercises Plus are you really going to have fun being stuck in your cold damp basement … following those DVDs by yourself Trust me its a lot less fun actually doing them compared to how they appear in the infomercials. If youve never seen one of these DVDs I can sum them all up for you with the following: theyre all pretty much the same and they all pretty much consist of a lot of hopping around … then hopping around on one leg while holding dumbbells … then hopping around while you move side to side … then hopping around while you spin around … you get the idea. 10

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If you are significantly overweight and simply want to lose weight then flowing extreme exercise routines jumping around in place doing sit-ups and lifting dumbbells isnt going to do much for you. You need to change the way you eat first and foremost So use my system to get yourself incredibly lean and healthy. Once youve gotten there if you then choose to go even further and want to get that six-pack build muscle and get toned … then doing cardio exercises working out with weights or following those exercise DVDs would certainly benefit you. But be aware that youre going to have to continue those exercises indefinitely in order to maintain your extreme results. Think about how much regular exercise you can realistically commit to for the long run. That was my concern. I knew I couldnt or better yet didnt want to commit to going to the gym everyday in order to maintain a certain level of weight loss. You have to figure out what level of dedication if any youre willing to commit to. 11

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NOBODY ACTUALLY NEEDS CHISELED ABS Be honest. What is your goal Do you honestly need to have ripped muscles and chiseled abs No of coarse not. Lets focus on losing weight first. You just want to get lean and look good in clothing right Youre not going to go to the supermarket shirtless are you Its not necessarily that important how good you look shirtless its more important how good you look clothed. Sure you certainly want to look your best. But lets be realistic youre not a Hollywood movie star … and youre not going to be flashing your abs on camera. If youre significantly overweight getting six pack abs is a tall order … and it should be the least of your concerns Get yourself lean and healthy first with my system. Once youve gotten yourself there then you can worry about getting chiseled abs. My system is for anybody male or female who is overweight 10lbs 20lbs 50lbs 100lbs or more and simply wants to get down to their optimal weight without having to work out with weights or exercise … and without having to give up any of your favorite foods. 12

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OTHER WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEMS The problem for many of you is that most of the people out there selling weight loss systems are actually fitness nuts who are going to put you on some extreme exercise regiment so “you can get ripped with chiseled abs.” But seriously who needs all that You just want to lose weight and not be fat anymore right Who else is going to be honest with you and tell you all this Im speaking from personal experience … I did all of that to death when I was younger. Ive always had really bad genetics and a slow metabolism. My default state is just to get really fat. But when I was a in my teens I had such determination that I lost weight and became a competitive bodybuilder. I worked out and exercised like crazy for many many years … and then I moved past it. I already climbed Mount Everest if you will … and then I moved on. My goal for the rest of my life is to simply remain lean and to never get fat ever again … without having to commit to strenuous exercise everyday of my life. Is that your goal also 13

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IN SUMMARY If you want to lose lots and lots of weight and get into the greatest shape of your life you really dont need to buy any of those “extreme” fitness DVDs some expensive piece of exercise equipment which will just sit in your home and collect dust or go to the gym to use their cardio equipment. You simply need to modify your eating habits. Its really that simple This free report was a small excerpt from my weight loss system: “The CHANGE YOUR LIFE DIET … Your PERMANENT Weight Loss Solution.” The Change Your Life Diet is a revolutionary new weight loss plan where you WILL lose STAGGERING amounts of body fat and inches off of your waist and get INCREDIBLY LEAN while being able to eat ALL your favorite foods EVERYDAY for most of the day ... and WITHOUT EVER Having To Exercise You simply modify your eating habits based on my system and change 1 meal a day. This is a Proven System which can help any man or woman lose dramatic amounts of weight get the body theyve always wanted and stay lean and healthy for the rest of their lives And the best part is that its 100 GUARANTEED to work for YOU and to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER In fact Im so certain and so confident that you WILL lose dramatic amounts of weight and be absolutely thrilled with my Incredible Weight Loss System that Ive personally backed it with a 60 Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee … so there is No Risk to you and you have Absolutely Nothing To Lose 14

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