To be an Author, or not the Author

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Did Shakespeare truly author these plays? What's the controversy? Why do people question Shakespeare's authenticity? What are the main arguments for Shakespeare existing and authoring versus those that say he was not real or didn't write those plays?


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To be an Author, or not the Author?:

By: Travis, Miguel, & Ali To be an Author, or not the Author?


Controversy? The little information about William Shakespeare has started a controversy that’s raged for over a century. Since the mid-19 th century, a group of disbelievers argued that somebody else created the plays and poems attributed to William Shakespeare.

Argument 1:

Argument 1 A common student from Stratford can’t write good plays like that. The textbooks used at Stratford Free School covered much of the same material that Shakespeare refers to.

Argument 2:

Argument 2 Hidden messages in the plays suggest someone else wrote them. If you look at enough lines and try to ‘decode’ them, you can find almost any result you want.

Argument 3:

Argument 3 The college is covering u p the truth to make money! This is bad, or not enough evidence that he didn’t write the plays himself.

Argument 4:

Argument 4 Well, if Shakespeare didn’t write the plays, then who did? Some people think it could have been Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, or even Edward de Vere.

So, Did Shakespeare Write His Plays?:

So, Did Shakespeare Write His Plays? The World May Never Know

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