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Introduction: Most devastating war in human history 55 million dead 1 trillion dollars Began in 1939 as strictly a European Conflict Widened to include most of the world

How It Began: 

How It Began Lots of factors WWI leftovers Germany defeated in and had to pay cost of war. In huge economic depression Italy victorious but wanted more territory Japan victorious but wanted China Outside factors…

What Were These Outside Factors?: 

What Were These Outside Factors? Germany reduced size Organized League of Nations French and Britain unsure U.S. isolationist

Rise of Hitler: 

Rise of Hitler Nazi Party organized, 1920s Nazi party largest in Germany, 1932 Hitler voted as chancellor, 1933 New parliament created 450, 000 members Larger than German army

Hitler Gets Busy: 

Hitler Gets Busy Gestapo Created -- April, 1933 Jewish Boycott – April, 1933 Jewish Books Banned & Burned – May, 1933 27,000 People in Camps – July, 1933 60,000 People in Camps – 1938 Illegal to Leave Germany – October, 1941

German Territorial Gains: 

German Territorial Gains Austria – March, 1938 Border of Czechoslovakia – Sept., 1938 All of Czechoslovakia – March, 1939 Poland – Sept., 1939 By Summer of 1940, Germany Controlled Most of Europe World shocked as France falls to Germans

Those Dumb Enough To Ally: 

Those Dumb Enough To Ally Stalin and the Soviet Union, 1939 Betrayed by 1941 Mussolini and Italy, 1939 Off and on betrayed until Italian defeat in 1943

Alliance That Changes War: 

Alliance That Changes War Germany “allies” with Japan Japan was “China Hungry” Japanese angry over U.S. support of China Agreed to peace negotiations with U. S.

Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941: 

Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941



U. S. Involved In War: 

U. S. Involved In War

Allies United: U.S.S.R, England and The U.S.: 

Allies United: U.S.S.R, England and The U.S.

Normandy Invasion, D-Day: 

Normandy Invasion, D-Day

D-Day Landing on Normandy Beach: 

D-Day Landing on Normandy Beach

Germany Surrenders May 7, 1945: 

Germany Surrenders May 7, 1945

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