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Presented by Team 1: Doug Costa, Brittny Malinowski, Hiedi Smith, and Laurie Wrona Computers in Education EDU539OL Collaborative Project Professor Bill Rhinaman

Benefits of Online Collaboration:

Benefits of Online Collaboration Helps to build an online community of learners Facilitates the integrated mastery of course content, collaborative technologies, planning and communication skills, and online interaction Engages students and educators with leading communicative technologies

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Items for Discussion:

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Collaborative Document Creation and Sharing

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Google Docs Summary Free, web-based service offered by Google “Cloud-based storage” means that files are created and accessed locally, but stored remotely Offers file creation, storage, and collaboration

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Google Docs Access Simultaneous, real-time sharing and editing of files by multiple users Users can access their files at any time, from any computer that has an internet connection Users can access their files from mobile devices, including Android, iPad , and iPhone applications

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Google Docs Functions Word Processor Spreadsheet Presentation/Slideshow Form/Data Collection Drawing Tools

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Google Docs File Formats HTML PDF .doc (Microsoft Word compatible) . xls (Microsoft Excel compatible)

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Google Docs Price Plan 1 GB of storage is free Users can purchase additional storage at the price of $5/20 GB

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Google Docs in the Classroom Ideal for collaborative projects Allows for self-paced editing by all team members Instructors can review the contributions by each individual, as well as the whole group Allows for peer editing and collaborative review of essays and projects

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Google Docs Strengths Offers a variety of document templates A familiar interface that is similar to Microsoft Office Allows for file storage in a variety of standard formats Encourages group collaboration Users can upload pictures, video, and other document types Allows choice of language

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Google Docs Weaknesses Ability to create, access, and edit documents is dependent upon an internet connection The interface is not as polished as Microsoft Office

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Google Docs Overall Analysis A s olid and stable program that is worth trying User-friendly and easy to learn Enables users to easily collaborate and edit the same document Accessible from any computer or device with an Internet connection Easy to group documents together in different folders

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Overall Analysis As Google’s online competition for Microsoft Office, it can definitely hold its own While some of the tools may not be as polished as those found in Microsoft Office, it is free! New and improved features and updates are constantly being added

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Real Time Instant Messaging Client

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ooVoo Summary ooVoo is a real time instant messaging client It offers real-time communication by text, voice, or video Additional features include desktop sharing, which allows a user to provide remote viewing of their desktop and open applications, and secure file sharing The ooVoo Business Suite offers additional features and applications, including increased security protocols and full-featured reporting functions

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ooVoo Price Plan Features are offered in a mix of free and pay-for-use options Video chats are free for up to three users For a fee, up to six video users and six voice users can participate in a conference The additional services are offered at the price of $.10/minute on a per-use basis, or up to $269.55/year for a defined-usage ooVoo Pro annual plan If one participant in a conference has a plan with additional permissions, all of the participants in the conference, even those participating via a free registration, can see all of the active call windows.

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ooVoo in the Classroom ooVoo is an easy to use conferencing solution It is appropriate for parent-teacher conferences, student-teacher conferences, and communication between educational professionals, including both teachers and administrative staff Helps to overcome barriers to virtual learning by facilitating the virtual classroom experience

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ooVoo Strengths Easy to install the software and create an account Prompts for set-up are helpful and straightforward, including the use of the webcam, speakers, and microphone Allows users to import their existing contacts It can be used for voice and video communication, and it interfaces with email and Facebook

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ooVoo Weaknesses Full installations may require the adjustment of some firewall settings Banner advertising may be intrusive

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ooVoo Overall Analysis Useful if you need 3-way video conferencing Super plan subscription available for 6 party video chats. If you're not already hooked on Skype, where you connect with all your contacts and friends, give ooVoo a try. Must have high tolerance for banner ads!

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ooVoo Overall Analysis Installs toolbars and changes to your homepage without asking. Criticized for malware, spyware, and viruses Overall, very low ratings from users

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Online Voice Chat Application

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Voxli Summary Voxli is an online voice chat application It provides simultaneous voice chat for up to 200 people in a session Users can have multiple sessions open simultaneously

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Voxli Functions Compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems Operates directly in a web browser, so there is no need for large downloads or complicated server setup Users simply email or IM the URL of an active conference to a desired participant No registration is required after receipt of an invitation, so users can access the active chat immediately

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Voxli Additional Features By installing a proprietary browser plug-in, users can access Voxli in HD audio Voxli is compatible with all gaming-style audio headsets Users can access the Voxli Push-to-Talk feature outside of their web browser, directly in a desired application

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Voxli Price Plan During its current open BETA signup period, Voxli is free for all users and may be used for conferences of all sizes at no charge

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Voxli in the Classroom Voxli is appropriate for meetings after usual class hours Its function is similar to an Elluminate office, which promotes the “open classroom” model It is great for collaborative distance education groups, and can be used for meetings or informal chat groups

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Voxli Strengths Users can add videos to watch with other members of chat group Users can send links to anyone, with no registration required Many chat rooms can be opened simultaneously Voxli is compatible with all gaming headsets The Push-to-Talk option is available outside of the web browser

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Voxli Weaknesses It is not intuitive, and no directions for use are included Support services are only offered via email

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Voxli Overall Analysis Group voice chat s upports up to 200 simultaneous users Each voice conference has a URL associated with it, so it can be easily shared with friends via email, Instant Messaging, forums, or blogs Popular with online gamers and gaming communities Compatible with all gaming-style headsets

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Voxli Overall Analysis Allows you to create quick voice conferences entirely in your Web browser Supports Push-to-Talk (walkie-talkie) functionality outside of the Web browser while in another window Echo cancellation technology improves sound quality and helps to remove background noise


Summary of Online Collaboration Technologies

Summary of Online Collaboration Technologies:

Summary of Online Collaboration Technologies These technologies help to facilitate the creation of, and student participation in, online learning communities Each has its strengths and weaknesses, and there is not necessarily a “one size fits all” service to cover every need and application If used properly, online collaborative technologies help to integrate effective presentation of course content, the development of teamwork, and engagement with leading communication technologies

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Access for Services Discussed Additional Research Materials Used Music Kenny G “Havana” References

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