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Tuesday 30 October 2007


Introductions Review of progress with 2006 – 2007 key priorities Draft key priorities for 2007 – 2008 academic year and beyond Questions and Answers Refreshments Agenda


Senior Management Team


Key Priorities 2006/2007


Philosophy, Ethos, Mission and Goals Philosophy and Objectives reviewed and updated by Whole College Community Revised document used in all publications and displayed throughout the College Progress 2006 – 2007


Philosophy, Ethos, Mission and Goals Progress 2006 – 2007


Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Agreed Whole College Curriculum policy Reviewed School Day and made changes as appropriate Self –evaluation strategy introduced with focus on learning Reviewed co-curricular provision Progress 2006 - 2007


Curriculum, Learning and Teaching Updated Assessment, Recording and Reporting procedures Successful introduction of Post 16 (IB accreditation) Introduction of Three Year ICT strategy Excellent GCSE/IGCSE Results Progress 2006 - 2007


GCSE/IGCSE Results 2007 Progress 2006 - 2007


Governance, Management and College Organisation Ongoing Development Planning process in place Updated SMT roles New Board of Management structure Candidate status for Council of International Schools (CIS) Accreditation process Progress 2006 - 2007


Human Resources Successful recruitment procedures in place Improved Human Resources policies and procedures Enhanced professional development opportunities Progress 2006 - 2007


Physical and Financial Resources Improved internal budgeting procedures Facilities renovations completed (Science, Theatre, Library, DUCKS) BOM Facilities and Health and Safety Committee established Progress 2006 - 2007


Student Support Reviewed and updated Senior School Pastoral procedures Reviewed admissions’ processes and procedures Creation of Additional Educational Needs (AEN) Faculty and full review of Learning Support and English as an Additional Language provision Progress 2006 - 2007


Community, Marketing and Publications Improved diaries and calendar Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) week introduced Enhanced management and development of Dulwich Community (DCP) programmes Regularly updated website Progress 2006 - 2007


2007/2008 and Beyond Future Priorities


College wide and school led implementation of revised Philosophy and Objectives Set up process for regular review and evaluation Embed in the plans and activities of the College Key part of CIS accreditation Philosophy, Ethos, Mission and Goals


Learning and teaching – whole College policy led by the schools Implementation of Self – Evaluation procedures Vertical curriculum planning Implement Additional Education Needs (AEN) recommendations Curriculum, Learning and Teaching


Full Review of ICT Strategy – Lent Term 2008 Exploit international dimension of the curriculum Develop assessment for learning, including use of value – added data Continue Studywiz developments – full launch September 2008 Curriculum, Learning and Teaching


Implementation of new BOM structures Annual Review Introduction of Performance Review procedures Council of International Schools Accreditation process Governance, Management and College Organisation


Maintain successful recruitment processes Professional development policies Senior School Room audit Enhanced catering provision Review feasibility for limited Post 16 Boarding Human, Physical and Financial Resources


Improve arrangements for ‘student voice’ Develop PSHCE provision Development of Tertiary guidance and support procedures, including for most competitive institutions Student Support


Implement revised Charity Committee arrangements Continued upgrading of website IB Diploma Programme marketing strategy Review of College publications for 2008/2009 Community and Marketing


Four Over-arching Aims Management of growth: To ensure change is managed in a strategic manner with wide stakeholder involvement Internal consistency: To ensure best practice becomes College-wide practice Policy to drive practice: To plan for best practice to happen regularly and reliably Drive for excellence: To ensure that there is an ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality educational provision Conclusion


Whole College issues General individual issues Individual student issues during refreshments Questions and Answers

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