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Fluoroscent Green Dye is a water colorant that is used to dye the water features such as pond, pools, fountains etc. Hydra Pond Green Dye is made up with food grade constituents and safe for aquatic life as well visiting pets.


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Fluorescent Green Dye :

Fluorescent Green Dye Powder Dye by Hydra-Aqua UK

Fluorescent Green Dye Powder:

Fluorescent Green Dye Powder

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250 grams of Fluorescent Green Dye treats 5,000 - 25,000 litres of water

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500 grams of Fluorescent Green Dye treats 10,000 - 50,000 litres of water.

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Food based constituents pose no danger to plants and filters

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Quick dissolving powder produces desired color within minutes of application

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Gives long lasting, rich finish to the water body.

Green Dye Lake:

Green Dye Lake

Dyed Lake Water:

Dyed Lake Water

Customer Reviews:

Customer Reviews Trenton : “Someone told me colouring the water also helps in keeping off the weeds and algae. If this is true I will keep colouring my pond.” Albert Bulger : “What a striking colour! I hardly needed to use any to transform my pond into a vibrant green delight for St Paddy's Day. Everyone loved it!”

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