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Hydra Pond Dye is a water colorant that is used to dye the water features such as pond, pools, lakes, fountains etc. Hydra Pond water Dye is made up with food grade constituents and safe for aquatic life as well visiting pets. Pond dye also helpful to control algae by shading water and block sun rays to get deep into water. More details : http://hydra-aqua.com/pond/pond-water-dyes.html


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Types Of Pond Dye:

Types Of Pond Dye

Images of Ponds Dyes:

Images of Ponds Dyes

Advantages Of Hydra Pond Dye:

Advantages Of Hydra Pond Dye Adds Natural Colors to Ponds Last longer Active Treatment Pack Size starts from 250 g and upto 20kg Full Instructions on the Label No harm to Aquatic Lives Cost-Effective

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Contact Us Website:- http://hydra-aqua.com/ Phone No:- 01908 265889 Address:- Cerberian House, Carters Lane, Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes, MK11 3ER, UK

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