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Know interesting and amazing facts about Clown Fish as how they got their name, laying eggs and more. It is also important to improve pond water quality for their better health, learn how to treat wounds, ulcers of Clown fish and other pond fish.


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Clown Fish Facts :

Clown Fish Facts By

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Clown Fish get their name because of their stripes and bouncing movements. Ocellaris Clown Fish are black in colour with white stripes.

Clown Fish Eggs:

Clown Fish Eggs

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Clown Fish lay thousands of eggs at one time, and unlike other fishes, all eggs can survive.

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Clown Fish are very protective of their anemones as they use them to protect their eggs and young. Newly hatched clown fish remain among the tentacles of the anemore for protection from predators.

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Clown Fish are often found in breeding pairs living in close proximity to one or more anemones. Clown Fish are the only Fish immune to the poison, they maintain this immunity by swimming amongst the tentacles to build up a protective mucous. Clown Fish are omnivores, they eat algae and the food left by the anemones.

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All Clown fish are born males. The most dominant clown fish changes itself into a female after death of female.

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Products that are useful to improve general health of Clown Fish and to improve Pond Water Quality

Hydra Pond Salt:

Hydra Pond Salt Hydra Pond Salt helps Clown Fish and other fish for fast recovery and treatment for wound and ulcers.

Hydra phos-Gone:

Hydra phos-Gone Hydra Phos-Gone can eliminate 80% phosphorus from pond water, restores ecological balance and stops further algal growth.

Hydra Silt-Less:

Hydra Silt-Less Hydra Silt-Less effectively reduce silt, sludge, eliminate bad odour, enhance water clarity and encourage aerobic activity. It acts as a good source of calcium for Clown fish, Koi carp and other fish.

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