What is the current scenario of India's tea market


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India is one of the top producers of tea in the world. We give you an overview of the Indian tea Industry which exports around 199.0 million kg


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India is one of the several major tea producing centres of the world with tea produced in the country being one of the finest in the world. One of the oldest industries the Indian tea industry has a large network of retailers distributors producers packers exporters and auctioneers. The reasons behind the popularity of Indian tea are not far to see – Indian tea owe its greatness to a host of factors from a great geographical spread strong investments in tea processing facilities calculated market development constant innovation to a mix of high quality products. Out of the over 4 billion kg of tea that is produced all over the world India produces about 1 billion kg of the beverage. The main tea-producing regions in India are Northeast India North Bengal and South India. Being the 2nd leading producer of tea in the world it has recorded a production of 1197.18 million kg for the time period of 2014-15. While 955.82 million kg was produced by tea estates in North India about 241.36 million kg was produced by tea plantations in South India. Apart from being a leading producer the country is also home to one of the biggest tea markets with about 3/4th of the produce consumed by the domestic market. It has the worlds largest black tea market with domestic consumption being in the 911 million kg mark during 2013-14. In terms of exports India occupies the 4th position and for the time period from 2014-15 saw 199.0 million kg of tea being exported with CIS countries being the biggest importers. The share of CIS countries in Indian tea exports for 2014–15 has been recorded to be 22.4 with Iran the UK the US Germany and the UAE being the other export destinations for the country. When it comes to volume figures for 2014-15 for the varied export destinations the Russian Federation recorded 39.14 million kg UK stood at 18.58 million kg and Iran recorded 17.53 million kg of Indian tea imports. With regards to export value the Russian Federation recorded 94.43 million Iran recorded 75.73 million and the UK reported 57.74 of export value. Although tea production in the country has grown at a CAGR of 3 over the last decade tea exports have remained relatively stagnant due to an increase in local consumption on top of rising competition from other tea-growing nations. According to the latest data about 563.98 thousand hectares of land in India falls under tea production. The state that leads the country in tea production is Assam with about 304.40 thousand hectares being used for producing tea West Bengal occupies the 2nd spot with about 140.44 thousand hectares under tea production Tamil Nadu holds the 3rd position with 69.62 thousand hectares and Kerala the 4th with 35.01 thousand hectares under tea cultivation. According to ASSOCHAM Assam represents about 12 of the yearly global tea supply as well as produces over 50 of India’s tea . For more Details visit us: http://www.eximdesk.com/buzz/what-is-the-current-scenario-of- indias-tea-marketchannelOrganic_DOC

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