5 Signs You're a Suspect in a White Collar Crime

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5 Signs You're a Suspect in a White Collar Crime


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5 Signs You're a Suspect in a White Collar Crime:

5 Signs You're a Suspect in a White Collar Crime By: Henderson , Mokhtari & Weatherly

Consequences of a White Collar Crime Conviction:

Consequences of a White Collar Crime Conviction Those charged with  white collar crimes  may be facing steep penalties. Crimes involving mortgage, credit card fields, insurance, or banking may even face felony charges! Significant jail time, civil suits, enormous monetary penalties, and a permanent criminal record are all just some of the punishments convicted individuals may run into. White collar crimes often involve lengthy investigation processes. The sooner a person gets wind of an investigation, the sooner they can get the help and  defense  they need. White collar crime charges can damage your business and your reputation.


To help, we have shared 5 signs that may mean you are a suspect in a white collar crime .

1. Contact from a Law Enforcement Agent:

1. Contact from a Law Enforcement Agent This initial contact usually involves people that the law enforcement agency suspects may be involved in the crime. Questions may not be pointed, but general, asking about the company or other employees, leading the person to believe they aren't targeted.

2. Subpoena for Business Documents:

2. Subpoena for Business Documents A clear sign of investigation occurs when a federal prosecutor files a subpoena for business documents. A subpoena can’t be refused, but a lawyer can help you protect yourself.

3. Search Warrant:

3. Search Warrant Any search warrant to obtain business documents is a clear sign of investigation. While a warrant can't be refused, a lawyer can help you ensure agents don’t overstep the bounds of the warrant.

4. State Agency Contact:

4. State Agency Contact In some cases, many government agencies may be involved in investigation. If any agency contacts you, it’s safe to assume you’re being investigated as the target or as a part of a crime.

5. Receiving a Target Letter:

5. Receiving a Target Letter  The target of the investigation will receive a letter informing them of the investigation, their rights, and their responsibilities.


Any of these signs are good reason to enlist the help of a  criminal defense attorney in Cleveland . Not only will they ensure that law enforcement isn’t overstepping their bounds, but they can also advise you of the best steps to take to obtain the best possible outcome. If you believe you may be the suspect in a white collar crime investigation, don’t hesitate to contact the white collar crime lawyers at Henderson, Mokhtari & Weatherly.


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