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Are you wondering about how to sell private label CBD products online? If you want to know how it's done, click on the link to read our guide on how to market private label CBD online. https://hempoilbusiness.com/marketing/private-label-cbd-products-online/


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hempoilbusiness.com A GUIDE

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hempoilbusiness.com Your Own Private Label

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hempoilbusiness.com You cant distribute any products in general without legally registering your business with the IRS. Registering your new CBD business can easily be done online.

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hempoilbusiness.com Of course before doing so youll need to specify the type of business youre registering. • Sole Proprietor • An LLC • A Corporation

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hempoilbusiness.com The IRS has a complete checklist of the information identification etc. that youll need in terms of paperwork. After registering your new CBD business youll want to apply for an Employer Identification Number EIN even if youre registering as a sole proprietor.

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hempoilbusiness.com This will help you to organize your business taxes when the time comes plus itll save you the energy when and if you decide to hire employees. Its also important to keep in mind that because CBD is derived from the Cannabis plant it falls under both state and federal regulations.

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hempoilbusiness.com This means that certain licensing and permits may be required for the distribution of CBD products in your state. A quick look into the U.S. Small Business Association SBA database will tell you everything you need to know.

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hempoilbusiness.com Youll also have to consider things like taking the extra steps to trademark your business name which will provide more legal protection.

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hempoilbusiness.com The quality of CBD products you intend to sell is arguably the most crucial fundamental of all. Thats why you need to do your due diligence and get into business with a reputable supplier that can guarantee a quality product and only follow best business practices in accordance with the industry.

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hempoilbusiness.com Look Into Their CBD Oil Sourcing  One thing you want to make sure of is that your CBD supplier owns and operates or sources from the United States. Why — because you want to make sure you can trace each batch back to the source if something goes wrong. You cant do this with most sources outside of the states. Not to mention farming regulations across seas are much different. Tip 1A

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hempoilbusiness.com Look Into Their CBD Oil Sourcing  Choose suppliers who use sustainable organic and non-GMO farming practices starting with the soil and seeds and down the line to their harvesting and processing methods. Tip 1B

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hempoilbusiness.com Whats Their CBD Oil Extraction Method  There are several different methods used to extract the CBD from the plant —and not all of them are good for your health.  The highest standard and cleanest extraction method is the CO2 extraction method because it yields the purest form of CBD without any nasty chemicals. Tip 2

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hempoilbusiness.com Make Sure They Offer a Certificate of Analysis COA  The COA is what is meant when people say to look for third-party lab testing.  This certificate is proof of the quality of the product.  It confirms the levels of the compounds in the final product as well as the purity and the potency.  Most consumers know not to purchase a CBD product unless it has the COA insignia on the packaging. Tip 3

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hempoilbusiness.com Ask For a Current Good Manufacturing Practice CGMP  A CGMP doesnt have to be specified on the products packaging like the COA but you should request this documentation from any supplier that youre considering.  Its proof that they are following both state and FDA regulations. Tip 4

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hempoilbusiness.com Avoid Certain Claims  Despite all of the research supporting CBDs medical benefits it still cannot be marketed as anything other than a health supplement in accordance with the FDA.  Avoid any supplier that makes bold claims about their product because its actually required that this disclaimer be very present wherever CBD products are sold —whether that be online or in stores. Tip 5

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hempoilbusiness.com Be Wary of the Pricing  You get what you pay for especially when it comes to CBD.  Incredibly low prices equate to an incredibly poor product.  If youre looking into suppliers who meet all of the above standards their pricing will be similar as well. Tip 6

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hempoilbusiness.com The CBD market may be fresh but it can seem overwhelmingly competitive.  Remember a clean and high-quality product will make all the difference.  If you go with the cheaper environment-harming chemical-laden products youre only destroying your reputation in this market.  Of course having a superior product doesnt automatically guarantee superiority.  You have to lay the groundwork first.

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hempoilbusiness.com How you market your product is equally as important as the product itself.

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hempoilbusiness.com To set yourself up for success heres what you need to do:  Find your target audience and figure out how to reach them  Create an attractive website and social media pages to spread brand awareness —this includes starting an email list.  Create engaging and authoritative content —this includes customer testimonials and reviews of your products  Make sure to offer great customer service

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hempoilbusiness.com It may take some time to create brand awareness but as long as you have a quality product and effective content across your social media platforms your new CBD business will be around for a long time.

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hempoilbusiness.com Selling private label CBD products doesnt have to be intimidating. If youre ready to get into the CBD selling business but need some help marketing your CBD business online reach out to our team here and let us know what youre looking to get help with. Weve got a whole team full of marketing knowledge ready to back you up.

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