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Businesses of all industries have learned to take advantage of this ever-expanding online consumer base. When it comes to your cannabis business there's no exception. Still, you have to work hard to stay ahead of any local and national competitors in the cannabis industry. Perhaps you're thinking about hiring a cannabis digital marketing agency. If that's the case, you're in luck. If you want a clear path to connecting with potential consumers online, click on the link to make the most of your business's investments. https://hempoilbusiness.com/marketing/cbd-marketing-strategies/


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5 Proven CBD Marketing Strategies Cannabis Digital Advertising Agencies Live By

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Welcome to the modern Digital Era in which technology the Internet and digital marketing strategies reign supreme.

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Businesses of all industries have learned to take advantage of this ever-expanding online consumer base.

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When it comes to your cannabis business theres no exception. Still you have to work hard to stay ahead of any local and national competitors in the cannabis industry.

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In the year 2016 alone the industry generated over 14 billion in revenue and is expected to reach 30 billion by 2025. Did you know

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If you want a clear path to connecting with potential consumers online keep reading to make the most of your businesss investments.

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Here are the top five online CBD marketing strategies for you to incorporate.

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1. Digital Marketing Starts with a Well-Developed Website

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For the most part all digital marketing strategies end up directing online traffic to a company or brand website.

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Invest in website design services that have a proven track record of creating websites that are… • search engine friendly so you can keep Google and the other search engines happy • user-friendly to keep your website traffic happy and excited to stay and read watch and engage with your website • and dont forget mobile-friendly

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• your website should attract and engage users with its content • it needs to be quick to load • easy to navigate. TIPS

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Designing the information architecture IA of your website is essential in this step. • Dont crowd your web pages with a ton of content that is in a font too small or challenging to read for example. • Smart website design will include principles focused on the best user experience UX design. TIPS

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If youre not familiar with UX Design here is a definition: User experience UX design is the process design teams use to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.

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2. Dont Underestimate the Value of Search Engine Optimization SEO

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Search engines like Google Yahoo or Bing use algorithms behind the scenes to “rank” websites.

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The search terms or search query that someone uses will determine what list of results will be generated.

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Your goal as a cannabis business should be to have your website pages show up as high on the search engine results page SERPs as possible to relevant search terms.

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The majority of proven SEO practices rely on keywords or phrases that those online users search for.

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SEO has a lot of moving parts and… it is a moving target too

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Some On Page SEO fundamentals for ranking that youll want to pay attention to right out of the gate are: • High Quality Content • Title Tags • URL Structure • Image Alt Text

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Successful on-page SEO revolves around creating useful and engaging content on each one of your website pages and targeting different strategic keywords for those individual pages.

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Avoid keyword stuffing on your website putting your target keyword all over the page search engines are able to pick up on this and you will be penalized not rewarded for trying to game the system.

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Remember even if you have great content great SEO and youre moving up in the search engines you still have to pay attention to your site speed and page load times.

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If youre serious about driving targeted online traffic to your business or brand then youll want to take the time to research and implement proven SEO CBD marketing strategies to ensure your businesss website is reaching a wide online audience.

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3. Make Sure to Include Social Media Marketing Too

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Social media networks are in essence miniature versions of search engines.

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When social media users post hashtags “” of their favorite brands theyre basically focusing in on a keyword they want that post to show up for.

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For that reason dont forget to prioritize social media CBD marketing strategies too. This is a great way to connect with online consumers in a place they are already hanging out.

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Of course its important that you use social media marketing as more than just a place to post about your products. Youll need to invest time and effort into maintaining genuine connectivity with your followers.

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The 80/20 rule on social media 80 - post educational supportive helpful information 20 - share product info promo messages and other direct call-outs to ‘buy my stuff.

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By keeping your audiences best interests at heart you will always come off as helpful. As a result youll be developing loyalty to your businesss brand.

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That consumer loyalty in the long run is going to be an invaluable asset.

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4. Proper CBD Marketing Requires a Unique Brand for Your Cannabis Business

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Speaking of branding take the time to determine what brand personality makes the most sense for your cannabis business. • Is your business more traditional and nostalgic in its tone • Or is a witty and lighthearted tone more suitable

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Your businesss brand will affect things like your logo design and color scheme.

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From there its essential to keep that branding strategy consistent throughout all marketing avenues website social media profiles online business directories etc.

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5. Email Marketing- One of Most Important CBD Marketing Strategies

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Finally remember to include email marketing in your list of most important CBD marketing strategies to implement.

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Having an established and loyal list of people to email is a great way to continue to direct traffic to your website and keep in touch with and in front of your customers.

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Remember there is a lot of competition out there ready to steal your customers from you.

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Use email messages to share helpful information and education you can also provide updates about new sales promotions and discounts.

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Doing so will help keep your businesss brand top of mind.

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Hire a Reliable Cannabis Digital Marketing Agency Today

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Now that you have a thorough understanding of many of todays CBD marketing strategies you understand the value of hiring a trustworthy cannabis digital marketing agency.

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Theres no need to cut corners when it comes to reaching out to potential consumers. As a responsible business owner your top priority is the companys bottom line.

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Ensure that your business is making the most of its investments in marketing strategies.

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