How to create a PowerPoint Presentation

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This is a slide show explaining how to create a basic PowerPoint presentation


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How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation By Carrie Hemingway

Getting Started: 

Getting Started Double click on the MS PowerPoint icon on your computer and the first slide will appear Eliminate the “Getting Started” box (right side of screen) by clicking the X in the corner. Click on the both the “click to add title” and “click to add subtitle” boxes and press delete You are now ready to design your slide

Choosing a Background: 

Choosing a Background If you would like to choose a pre-made background you go to Format in the tool bar. Click on “slide design” and your different choices will appear on the right. Scroll through the different backgrounds. When you find when you like click on it. If you would like to design your own background to add color, go to Format in the tool bar. Click on “background” and a box will appear. Click on the arrow in the rectangle window. You may click on “More Colors” to choose a color choice or click on “Fill effects” to choose a combination of colors. After your color is chosen, click “ok,” then click apply to change the color of the slide you are working on.

Designing a Title Page: 

Designing a Title Page You may use word art and clip art the same way you add them in a word document. The Word Art function is located at the bottom of your screen within the Drawing tool bar. Example:

Designing a Title Page cont.: 

Designing a Title Page cont. You may also cut and paste pictures from the internet onto your slide. To do this search the internet to find the picture you desire. Right click on the image. Choose “copy image”. Go back to your slide and right click on the slide. Choose “paste”. The image should appear on your slide. You should be able to move it around and change the size using your mouse. Example:

Adding Custom Animation to a slide: 

Adding Custom Animation to a slide To add custom animation to a slide go to the Slide Show tool bar Click on custom animation and a box will appear on the right side of your screen. You must first click on and object so the handle appears (Word Art, Clip Art or Text Box) to animate it. Once you have chosen an object to animate you click on the “Add Effect” button within the Custom Animation box. Choose from one of the four choices Entrance, Emphasis, Exit, or Motion Paths and choose the effect within this section. Example:

Adding a new slide: 

Adding a new slide To add a new slide go to Insert in the tool bar and click on “New Slide” or hit control m On the right side of the screen, click on a blank layout to design your next slide

Adding a Hyperlink: 

Adding a Hyperlink If you would like to add a link to your slide you first access the website using the internet. Next right click on the web address. Click on “copy.” Then right click on your slide, choose “paste.” Your Hyperlink should appear. Example:

Changing the order of your slides: 

Changing the order of your slides To change the order click View in the tool bar Click on “Slide Sorter.” This function allows you to click and drag the slides into the order you want them in the project When you are finished, go to the View in the tool bar and click on “Normal” to return to designing slides

Saving you slide show: 

Saving you slide show To save your slide show, go to File and click on “Save As” Name the project and save it just like a word document

Viewing you slideshow: 

Viewing you slideshow To view your slide show, go to Slide Show in the tool bar Click on “View Show” Click the mouse to advance to the next slide

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