Protect Your Home with General Cockroach Control Techniques

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Protect Your Home with General Cockroach Control Techniques


Cockroaches are a complete nuisance to our homes and there’s no debating that. They are all the more bothersome due to their tininess and uncontrolled population. Not only do they destroy our clothes, books and other household items, they also pose a potential threat of causing very serious health hazards due to the bacteria they carry with them. Though the general consensus is that professional pest control services work best in getting rid of cockroaches, there are certain simple cockroach control techniques you can do to protect your home. The very first step in controlling the cockroach infestation is to know how bad the situation is. Look for signs of a cockroach infestation like dead or live cockroaches, their egg shells and droppings in places like the kitchen (every nook and corner of the area and those around appliances), bathroom, laundry room and basements if you got one. The larger the sign of cockroach activity, larger the infestation. Inspection


Once the inspection is done, there are three basic steps you can take to control the cockroach infestation.


Cockroaches enter households for the main purpose of finding food. When you cut off all food sources available to them, they will start to look for it elsewhere. Keep all food containers tightly sealed. Clean the entire home thoroughly so that not food scraps are found lying around, including all the tiniest of cracks and crevices. Cover all garbage bins properly so that they don’t attract cockroaches. Basically, make sure the cockroaches can’t access any of your food, even the waste. Removal of Food


Removal of Water Like all living organisms, cockroaches need water to survive. They prefer habituating warm and damp places where there is a constant supply of water. Making sure there are no water leakages or places where water could get collected is the next step towards cockroach control. Making sure they do not have access to water or damp areas will eventually result in the population dying out or moving.


Removal of Shelter Removing the preferred habitats and breeding ground of the cockroaches will effectively control their infestation. They tend to live in tiny spaces that offer a snug fit like cracks and crevices. They also tend to breed in old, unused household products like old toys, cardboard boxes, etc. Sealing every crack and crevice in your home shut and removing all unused items and de-cluttering your home will effectively starve them of shelter. he above mentioned steps are the most basic methods you can do by yourself to control the cockroach infestation in your home. These steps will help you cut off the basic necessities for their survival. If these aren’t enough for you, you can go ahead with further steps like trapping or killing them to aid in faster extermination. You can of course call a professional pest control services to do the job for you to make sure the deed is done thoroughly and professionally.

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