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Android Market :

Android Market Android gadgets are some of the most popular phones and tablets in the market today. Millions of people buy android phones and tablets all the year round in many parts of the world. There are several reasons that can be attributed to the growing market of android phones and tablets. In 2008, Google created android market that is currently known as Google play where android users can download android apps of their own choices. Google play is a digital store from where android products users can log into using their android phones or tablets to download android apps of their choices.

Android News:

Android News Android news app is one of the most integral apps in android gadgets. A lot people use android news to get news feeds from mainstream media sources. Android market is one of the largest smart phones apps markets by comparison to other operating platforms. Android market publishes thousands of apps from different developers. Some of the most popular apps in the android apps include android talky and android portal. Android talky is aimed at keeping users of android phones hooked on their gadgets and less bored as they will be capable of chatting in real time with both strangers and friends as well who are using android talky in their android smart phones.

Android Portal :

Android Portal Android portal is available from android market that is also known as Google play. Android market has thousands of android apps that are available for free or a cost to the people who would want to download them. Android portal is one of the most effective apps that are quite relevant to users who have installed several apps in their phones. If for example, you have a twitter notification or news feed from your android news apps, android portal will show all the notifications in a small bubble like circle on the screen.

Android apps:

Android apps Google play was formerly known as android market and contains thousands of apps that have been developed by independent developers who have been given autonomy by Google to develop android apps . There are several guidelines that have been published on the website of android to guide developers on how to develop their apps. Android apps control a bigger market share of the smart phones and tablets apps. Android, since its acquisition by the technology giant Google Inc has grown to become a major market player in the Smartphone industry.

Android Talky:

Android Talky Android talky is an application published for android platform that android tablet or phone users can download from android market. Android talky can enable users to chat with those whom they know or those whom they do not know. Android talky enables users to create new relationships with other users who are using android talky in their android phones or tablets.

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