6 Staging Tips to Follow Every Single Time You Sell a House


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Done correctly, home staging can make a BIG difference in the amount of time a property sits on the market. Perform these steps every time you list a house!


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6 Staging Tips to Follow Every Single Time You Sell a House:

6 Staging Tips to Follow Every Single Time You Sell a House Presented By: Haylen Group www.haylengroup.com

Spend on a Deep, Deep Clean:

Spend on a Deep, Deep Clean There’s something to be said for saving money by becoming a DIY master, but don’t attempt to clean a home on your own. If you’re putting a house on the market, it needs to be professionally cleaned. Not just a one-hour light dusting, either. We’re talking about a deep clean that gets in every nook and cranny. www.haylengroup.com

Invest in Unisex Appeal:

Invest in Unisex Appeal It’s important that you don’t limit yourself by only appealing to one sex. This is especially true when it comes to the master bedroom. By avoiding being gender-specific, you’ll cover a wider audience, and by sticking to a neutral palette for wall color, as well as bedding materials, you’ll allow potential buyers to envision their own items in the home. This is pretty simple to do, but easy to ignore. www.haylengroup.com

Get the Small Things Right:

Get the Small Things Right While most people focus on the big picture things like layout, location, and neighborhood, it’s the small things that can sometimes finalize a deal. For example, something as simple as wall art placement can subconsciously impact a person’s response to a room. If you’re going to spend extra and stage the property with artwork or other focal pieces, make sure you maximize their value. The center point for any piece of artwork should be at 60 inches. This is the average eye level for a person. www.haylengroup.com

Install a New Front Door and Garage Door:

Install a New Front Door and Garage Door According to the annual Cost vs. Value report, two of the highest returning home improvement projects for 2015 include replacing the front door and garage door. A steel entry door replacement costs an average of $1,230, while it adds an additional $1,252 in value (101.8 percent ROI). A garage door replacement costs somewhere around $1,595 and adds approximately $1,410 in value (88.4 percent ROI). www.haylengroup.com

Pay for Professional Landscaping :

Pay for Professional Landscaping Landscaping is another one of those things that you need to pay for. It’s the first thing potential buyers notice and the last thing they see on the way out of the driveway. In the weeks leading up to putting the house on the market, have the lawn fertilized and watered, plant fresh flowers, clean up weeds, and add as much color as you can. www.haylengroup.com

Aim for Multi-Sensory Impact:

Aim for Multi-Sensory Impact Inside the home, you need to aim for multi-sensory effects. It doesn’t just need to look appealing; it also needs to smell and sound appealing. Some low music, burning candles, and properly adjusted lighting can go a long way. www.haylengroup.com

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