5 Tips for the First-Time Home Seller


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Selling a home in this market is very hard, especially for first-time sellers. Haylen Group gives advice for home-selling beginners.


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5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller:

Prepare for a de-cluttering marathon.  This is a big, sometimes emotionally draining task and is best tackled in small bites.  You’ll want to gather some de-cluttering tools before you begin.   Garbage bags, boxes, tape and cleaning gear can be most helpful.   If you find yourself having trouble staying organized throughout the process you may want to start three piles labeled “throw out”, “put away”, and “charity.”   This approach will keep you from throwing out things you want to save, and saving things you want to throw out. 5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller

5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller:

5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller Throw out old, unused stuff that tends to find itself on countertops and shelving such as junk mail, bills, receipts, etc….  Outdated paperwork can also find its way into drawers and closets.  Potential buyers want to see homes for sale that have lots of counter space, not your mail or last Sunday’s paper.  So don’t let the junk mail keep you from receiving an offer .

5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller:

Sort through closets to find extra storage space.  If your closets are overflowing with “stuff”, it may be time to do some closet purging.  Potential buyers love to see storage space when they open closets.   If the buyer’s eye goes directly to the boxes, cloths and clutter, they won’t notice all the great storage space you have.  Overflowing closets also have the habit of telling buyers that your home doesn’t have enough storage.  But not to worry, there is an easy fix to the full closet…..  If you haven’t used something in a year, throw it out. 5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller

5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller:

5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller Clear out book shelves to give your room an open, lighter feeling.  Again, buyers are looking for  homes for sale that have lots of storage space and if shelves are packed with stuff, buyers will think your home is small.  Maintaining book shelves that are organized and half-full gives the appearance of space and can make a room feel larger than it actually is.   And don’t forget to pack up the majority of your personal pictures when staging your home.  You want potential buyers to see themselves in your home not your Nieces and Nephews.

5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller:

Maintaining clear kitchen countertops has the potential to visually double the size of your kitchen.  Always a good thing.  The golden rule for countertops is to have no more than two appliances sitting on the counter.  Homes for sale that feature vast expanses of countertop space will have a competitive advantage in today’s buyer’s marke t.  And it would be a shame to miss out on an offer because kitchen clutter overshadowed your fabulous countertop space. 5 Easy Tips A First Time Home Seller

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