Tips for Silicon Valley Homebuyers to Pounce on Their Dream Home!


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The Silicon Valley Real Estate Market is hot and is expected to accelerate as the weather gets warmer. Let's take a moment to tailor these tips to those looking for homes in Silicon Valley, California.


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Presented By: Haylen Group Tips That Prepare Homebuyers to Pounce on Their Dream Home

Ditch Online Time and Hit the Ground Running to Open Houses:

Ditch Online Time and Hit the Ground Running to Open Houses Important note highlighted in this tip was that tight springtime inventory can be seen nationwide, and warmer states will see the upward trend earliest. As evidenced in our Golden State's current drought conditions, were are getting a whole lot of heat. Expect this to translate into an earlier, even hotter California housing market acceleration.

Educate Yourself on Market Values and Trends:

Educate Yourself on Market Values and Trends Silicon Valley's very own San Francisco was featured in this tip, citing housing market data from the Case- Shiller 2014 home price index. In 2014, San Francisco saw the largest annual regional gain at 9.3% while other major housing markets like New York, Chicago, and Washington D.C. saw less that 2%. Another important home buying tip: work with a well-connected, market savvy Real Estate Agent. 

Take Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates:

Take Advantage of Low Mortgage Rates Mortgage Rates are still low and will stay that way through Spring. Plenty of Housing market predictions point toward a climb in rates come mid-year. Here in the Silicon Valley, this will definitely add to the already intense home buying fervor. Again, this is where working with a savvy agent is key. If you work with a top agent, they will get you in touch with top lenders--another way to stay ahead of the game.

Build Your Home Buying Dream Team:

Build Your Home Buying Dream Team What better way to nab the home of your dreams than building a home buying dream team? Before you bid, a top agent can guide you in lining up your lender, inspector, and attorney. Some of the fiercest competition in the real estate market is in our own Silicon Valley. This is more reason to work with a team of pros who are the best in their field.

Remember Key Sweeten-the-Deal Strategies:

Remember Key Sweeten-the-Deal Strategies In Silicon Valley, chances are your Dream Home will rake in multiple offers. One great tip to give you an edge on the competition is an escalation clause. This is a clause that details the amount you will pay above any competing bid. The article goes on to include a factor that is very relevant in the Silicon Valley Housing Market. "If you're in a hot market, a significant escalation factor could really pique seller interest."  

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