What Are the Best Areas to Buy Rental Properties?


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Are you a serious real estate investor, and looking for the best area to buy rental properties? We at Haylen Group regularly search these markets and they are the only properties we promote. Check out our ways to select the best area to buy rental properties.


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Buy in the Bullseye:

Buy in the B ullseye When you are looking for the best area to buy, you must first find the markets that are poised and positioned to give you the optimum duration of time where the economic drivers are moving forward. You want to find the best markets, and within the best markets you want to buy within the path of progress, and when you get there you want to buy in the Sweet Spot. Yes, just like narrowing in on the bullseye . Let’s take a look.

Best Markets:

Best Markets Areas that have low unemployment: low unemployment attracts new residents Job growth: more industry and business coming to the area High job diversity: keeps residences if an industry should falter such as when the auto industry . High job diversity: keeps residences if an industry should falter such as when the auto industry. Local economic support: local city planning officials who have 5, 10 and even 20 year growth plans in place tend to attract businesses and sustained growth

Path of Progress:

Path of Progress Buy in the direction the city is growing: growth tends to happen in a certain part of the city. This is where jobs are created and therefore where the employees will want to live. This will represent higher sustainability.  Finding property here will be more sustainable.

The Sweet Spot:

The Sweet Spot Median Priced H omes: finding the local market’s median priced home is your next step as this is the most highly sought after and most liquid real estate investment class. It is also the most profitable as more people can afford to rent here today, and will be willing to buy at retail pricing when you are ready to sell.

Good Schools:

Good Schools Good schools: good tenants and retail buyers want to send their kids to good schools, so the higher rated school districts are important. So where are these markets? They are always changing of course. You can find today’s bullseye by visiting our properties page as we search these markets on a regular basis and they are the only properties we promote.

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