Top common Men’s Grooming Myths

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All men are surrounded by grooming myths—one way or another. And these myths prevent them from being perfectly groomed. To be at your best you need to do it the right way—be it using the right deodorant such as HE Deodorants- long-lasting deodorants for men to finding the right sunscreen, you need to be well-informed. So, let’s hear out some of these myths and try to avoid them as much as possible.


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Top common Men’s Grooming Myths

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Chewing Gum Will Strengthen and Give Shape To Your Jaw It is probably the most common myth you all must have come across. It is nothing but oodles of hogwash. Chewing gum continuously for years on end might have a little impact on your jaw but nothing guaranteed. If you really wish to find a temporary viable solution then try wearing a stubble instead. To achieve an idea jaw shape you must work out on a daily basis and start eating healthy. This process although is slow but is definitely effective to give you a prolonged jawline.

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Blackheads Are Caused Due To Inconsistency in facewash routines If youre washing your face only once in a day then you are sure to develop and deal with blackheads undoubtedly. But does this mean you over wash your face Of course not. Over washing your face and scrubbing it two-three times a day will lose moisture from your skin and compensate it for oozing oil. To get rid of blackheads stick to a balanced and healthy schedule wash your face only twice a day and clean it with dry towel.

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For a Better Shave Use More Shaving Cream You all must be believing this all this while. You must have moved the brush around for longer just to get that extra foam to ensure better shaving. Although this sounds fun it doesn’t help at all. Whoever started this was definitely looking for wastage than solution. Using a lot of cream for shaving will only result in more lather than is required and nothing else. You will end up cleaning only the cream from your face and not beard use HE deodorant- Men’s best deodorant To ensure better shaving use limited amount of shaving cream brush it across well so that every end is covered and shave gently don’t go harsh on your skin. Use a better quality razor

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The Higher The SPF The Better Is The Protection Let’s face the truth: If there are two products with SPF 30 and SPF 50 being sold at the same price you’d be tempted to buy the latter one. Why Because it will give stronger protection. You all have grown believing this myth and that’s the reason your skin doesn’t react to UV rays. To keep your skin protected use a lower SPF cream multiple times a day instead of using a higher SPF only once a day

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All deodorants are the same chose any All deodorants are not the same to being with. Different deodorants have different chemical composition unique fragrance and usage. Besides there is a deodorant for every personality type. So before you opt for any product understand what your personality type is and then choose the deodorant type. Also if you have major concern with your body odour then we suggest you go for HE deodorant- Men’s best deodorant which will keep you fresh and bad-odour free throughout. Make sure you’re well-informed about grooming as they can help you avoid taking wrong decisions. Needless to say go for the right grooming products such as HE Deodorants- long-lasting deodorants for men and stay fresh all day every day.

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