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Annual Members Meeting : 

Annual Members Meeting Colin Maclean Chairman 29 November 2007


Agenda Welcome Plan for this evening Where we stand in 2007 The work and plans of our Governors Profile of our Cancer service The year ahead Questions

A Year of Achievement: 

A Year of Achievement A very significant year for the Trust Foundation Trust for 17 months Continued transformation on how we do things internally Redesigning direction of hospital and health delivery locally

A Year of Investment: 

A Year of Investment Responsible for own destiny Building a surplus for investment (£6.2m 2006/07) Invested in: New Breast Screening Unit New Genito-urinary medicine unit Expansion of Dialysis – Huntley & Palmer £1 million on 300 state of the art beds £1.9 million – new theatres & ward Over £1 million investment in Infection Control Expansion of staff in maternity (16 midwives) Elderly Care staffing & skill development 28 bedded stroke Unit Investment in computing

Service Improvement: 

Service Improvement Better Clinical Care 28 bed stroke unit – opened in July High quality acute care for the elderly Taking Care to the Patient Regional Urology Service More clinics in Newbury Hand Surgery Centre in Newbury Facilitating the Patient One stop shop for radiology & pathology testing Text reminder of appointments Telephone clinics in urology Email service for cancelling appointments Improvements to Choose and Book Supporting the Patient Dedicated support groups for Cancer patients Rapid assessment clinic for older people (RACOP)

So How Are We Doing?: 

So How Are We Doing? The Business £6.2 million surplus Regulator judged us in Top Group Newbury hospital in surplus Prince Charles Eye Unit in surplus Targets Top A&E department in country All waiting list targets achieved Health watchdog judges us Excellent in Use of Resources BUT Infection Control target is proving tough We missed the 48-hour target in G.U.M. Public Consultation 97% of patients felt treated with respect & dignity 94% of patients recommend the Trust to a friend

So How Are We Doing?: 

Peer & External Reviews Service Awards Team of Nurses win national leadership challenge award Commendation from Royal College of Physicians on treatment for Stroke Clinical Pathology achieved national quality standard Medical Physics department achieved national expert status NHS South Central Opinion “Most successful Trust in our region” So How Are We Doing?

So How Are We Doing?: 

So How Are We Doing? People in demand Deputy Chairman to Chair of Wexham Park Hospital Brenda Billington – President of the Royal College of Ophthalmology Christine Collin – President of the British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine Carl Waldman – President of the Intensive Care Society Derek Fawcett – Vice President of the British Association of Urological Association Jonathan Fielden – Chair of the consultants committee, BMA Ian Clay – Executive Member of new Governors’ National Forum CEO, Finance Director, HR Director, Board Secretary and others mentoring across the NHS

So How Are We Doing?: 

So How Are We Doing? Governors George will tell you about them Volunteers Record numbers Undertaking more sophisticated role Caring supportive role Invaluable


Conclusions Exciting times ahead Challenging times ahead Have shown what we can do Help us and ……..! Watch this space!


Thank you

Financial Overview 10 months ended 31 March 07: 

Financial Overview 10 months ended 31 March 07 Martin Sheldon Chief Finance Officer 29 November 2007


Achieved FT status 1 June 2006 Surplus of £5.4m for 10 month period to 31 March 07 Surplus was £0.2m above Plan EBITDA Margin of 8.1% Financial Headlines


Cash reserves retained of £15.4m Capital investments made of £4.4m Did not need to use Borrowing Limit of £51.3m Bank working capital facility of £15.0m was not required Financial Headlines

Income and Expenditure 10 months to 31 March 07 : 

Income and Expenditure 10 months to 31 March 07

Balance Sheet at 31 March 2007 : 

Balance Sheet at 31 March 2007

Monitor’s Financial Risk Rating (‘FRR’): 

FRR is used by Monitor to determine Financial Health of an FT It determines the extent of performance monitoring, and defines level of borrowing available to FTs FRR is a weighted score based on: % Margin achieved on EBITDA % Return achieved on Assets Actual performance against Plan Liquidity (ability to meet debts) Excellent is scored a ‘5’ and worst is a ‘1’ At 31 March 2007 Trust was rated with a FRR of a ‘5’ Although, FRR was capped to a ‘4’ as the trust had been an FT for less that 1 year at March 2007 Monitor’s Financial Risk Rating (‘FRR’)

Monitor’s Financial Risk Rating (‘FRR’): 

At 31 March 2007 Trust was rated with a FRR of a ‘5’ Although, FRR was capped to a ‘4’ as the trust had been an FT for less that 1 year at March 2007 Monitor’s Financial Risk Rating (‘FRR’)

Need to Generate Surpluses: 

As an FT we get no external NHS capital funding Cash from surpluses needed to: Maintain existing operating capabilities (ie estate and equipment) and deal with historical under-investment over many years Improve services (eg new beds) Fund strategic changes to enable the Trust to develop and maintain market standing Invest in new technologies (incl. IT) Need to Generate Surpluses

Strong Financial Position: 

The tough financial regime of the last 3 years has delivered an underlying recurrent surplus Planned surplus for 2007/08 of £8.2m Strong Balance Sheet – not encumbered by PFI or borrowings Cash Reserves (£15.4m) available for future investment in services Excellent Monitor Financial Risk Rating of a ‘5’ gives the Trust freedoms for borrowing Service Improvements and strategic developments can now be achieved Strong Financial Position

The Future: 

External financial pressures : Income (via DH setting of national tariff) is forecast to reduce in real terms to drive NHS productivity Higher quality standards are being driven nationally and locally - will result in higher costs Commissioners are becoming more demanding and trying to make efficiency savings - we will lose some local activity to GPs etc. Need to Implement the ‘Connecting for Health’ IT agenda The Future

The Future: 

Trust will continue to improve processes and efficiency Service Line Reporting and Management is being introduced to focus effort Growing our services in line with our Strategy Cost control is a pre-requisite to the Trust seizing the opportunities that exist to substantially develop and improve its services The Future

Any questions?: 

Thank you Any questions?

Your Money: 

Your Money Martin Sheldon Chief Finance Officer


Thank you

Your Council Achievement: 

Your Council Achievement George Loughlin Vice Chairman Council of Governors & Chairman of the Membership Committee

Your Council Achievements: 

Your Council Achievements Work of your Governors Membership Committee, Task and Topic Groups More information on the stands Tell us what you think

Membership Committee: 

Membership Committee Established communication and engagement structure with Members Published regular newsletters Surveyed members on what their main interests in the Trust are Arranged Open Days Arranged Members Awareness Week Launched the Membership Card Targeted increasing membership in 2007 by another 2000 members. Produced leaflets for GP surgeries and public places on who the Public Governors are in your area

Strategy Task Group: 

Strategy Task Group Established the Council objectives for 2007 Agreed how the Council will review its performance and effectiveness annually Established Board and Council agreement as to how Governors would be involved in the development of the long-term strategy for the Trust Held strategy workshops for the Governors Reviewed the strategic development of the Trust with both the Executive and the Board Established initiatives to enable Governors to contribute to achieving Trust objectives

Access Topic Group: 

Access Topic Group Governors have actively reviewed 17 areas of signage and initiated improvements including directions to A & E and new block signage Governors have actively supported the investigation into new types of multi-lingual wayfinding equipment Improved types of wheelchair are being investigated Concluded a major review and analysis of patient/visitor car parking Supported the development of ward/clinic access instructions available on the hospitals web-site

Patient Environment & Arts Topic Group: 

Patient Environment & Arts Topic Group Conservatories built in Battle Block Development of Therapy Garden Working with Museum to set up a Battle Hospital permanent display in the Battle Block Corridor Working with an Art consultant to improve all entrances and corridors Working to provide occasional sessions of music, poetry reading, story telling in reception areas and on some wards as required New wood carvings from Meir Weiss

Infection Control Topic Group: 

Infection Control Topic Group Has two main remits (a) Observing practice and follow up; (b) Informing public on how transmission occurs and safe practice Set up an assurance programme to ensure public areas/ facilities are cleaned regularly Reinforced the important hand washing message Supported the view that controlled visiting hours would reduce infection Produced short articles for the Members’ Newsletter A public seminar on infection control was held Some evening meetings in GP surgeries are being arranged with a short presentation on infection control together with a Q&A session


Thank you for your support

The Future of Cancer Services at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust : 

The Future of Cancer Services at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust The Berkshire Cancer Centre Team 29 November 2007


The Past The Present The Future

The Past: 

The Past 1839 Hospital opened Surgery basic Tumour removal Anaesthetics 1850’s Chloroform Diagnostics 1895 discovery x-rays 1899 x-rays at RBH

The Past: 

The Past Oncology 1902 isolation radium 1905 Radium at RBH 1928 Public Appeal for Radium 1944 Cancer Centre 1970’s chemotherapy 1989 150th Anniversary Appeal 2003 Macmillan Refurbishment

The Present: 

The Present Surgery Specialised services MDT working Diagnostics PACS Modern Equipment Pathology

The Present: 

The Present Oncology 3 Linear Accelerators 7 Consultants Nurse Specialists Radiographers Information Centre Clinical Trials Service Guidance Support Services

The Present: 

The Present High Quality Service Thames Valley Cancer Network IOG Department of Health Standards HQS report Health Care Commission Report Specialist Services NICE Guidance

The Present: 

The Present High Quality Service Multi-disciplinary Team Working Advances in nursing practice Chemotherapy services Patient focused care Outcome and Evidence Based

The Future: 

The Future National Influences NRAG report Cancer Reform Strategy Darzi Review Local Influences Community Commissioners


NRAG Increased Capacity Workforce Efficiency Machines Improved Technology Novel Training VERT

Cancer Reform Strategy: 

Cancer Reform Strategy Due Dec 2007 Follows Cancer Plan 2000 Prevention Going further on Cancer Waits Services Closer to Home Shorter Inpatient Stays End of Life Care

Darzi Review of NHS: 

Darzi Review of NHS Clinically led Patient Centred Locally Accountable

Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust: 

Royal Berkshire Foundation Trust 175 years History of Cancer Services Continued Expansion and Improvement Exciting Times Ahead!


Thanks to the Team

Any questions?: 

Any questions? Thank you

The Year Ahead: 

The Year Ahead Ann Sheen Chief Executive

Strategic Objectives: 

Strategic Objectives Good year but more to come Our ambition is to be the best New strategic objectives agreed 2007 These set a challenging agenda to achieve aims

Strategic Objectives: 

Strategic Objectives Exceeding customer and patient expectations Providing more services, in more places, closer to home for more people Putting our services in top 10% nationally Bringing together key providers to form viable, modern healthcare system Making sure people know what we do and why we are the best


Priorities 18 week target from referral by GP to treatment will achieve by March 2008 will aim to shorten further Infection control tough target as we perform well already no more than 15 cases a year we now have a zero tolerance approach

Priorities : 

Priorities Targets will achieve all national targets aim to better in some areas 3 hours in A&E Cleanliness public confidence in NHS influenced by this our hospital has good record will aim to improve on high standards


Priorities Investment on our main site many investment needs need for updated facilities respond to population growth Providing services closer to you we want to take services closer to you expect some major announcements in coming year


Conclusions Recurring theme-proud of what we do but aim higher Standards today are the norm We will drive forward improvements To achieve benefits in patient care Our overriding philosophy throughout-patients at the heart of all we do


Thank you

Questions from Members: 

Questions from Members


Thank you

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