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Operation Blitz The Hottest Ticket In Town : 

Operation Blitz The Hottest Ticket In Town Presented by: Erick M. Mole Atlanta Affinity Group

Atlanta Affinity Group Reaching The Trendsetters: 

Atlanta Affinity Group Reaching The Trendsetters Atlanta Affinity Group has it’s finger on the pulse of the trendsetter market. This has been recognized by our clients and served as the catalyst for the companies rapid growth. Targeting the trendsetter market has become an integral part of marketing efforts by most Fortune 500 companies. Atlanta Affinity Group not only understands the demographics of the consumer, but also understands why customer(s) make certain buying decisions. This information is leveraged to develop campaigns that create an emotional response in the consumer, which leads them to buy and maintain brand loyalty after the initial purchase. Atlanta Affinity Group always has the client's goals in mind when developing creative ideas or any marketing/advertising communications. Unlike other communications groups that rely only on empirical data to make decisions, the Atlanta Affinity Group team is part of the trendsetter market. This position is leveraged, along with the information that’s available, to make better decisions on which marketing weapons to use. Our entire team is out there, on the streets, where trends begin and brand names are made. When Your Company invests in a Atlanta Affinity Group campaign, they are effectively buying the eyes and ears of the company. This will keep Your Company aware of what is really going on in the marketplace. Atlanta Affinity Group professionally services the client's account(s) so that administrative needs are met with the same enthusiasm used in approaching the client's marketing and promotional needs.


CREATING and INFLUENCING trends grounded in EXPRESSION & CREATIVITY Radio / Internet Mobile Marketing Product Placement BRANDING MAINSTREAM AMERICA


OPERATION BLITZ MARKETING CAMPAIGN Concept: Hanging out with and like a celebrity is a fantasy that most people share. Creating the illusion that you to are a celebrity is what we will provide their ego; but creating this illusion for an entire NFL season will build brand equity. Each game week in conjunction with Atlanta radio 10 lucky winners will mix and mingle with the “Big Wigs” thanks to the (Your Company) winning weekend giveaway. Your Company will also reward the top retail purchasers of Your Product along with their sales Rep, two pair of suite tickets to the hottest show in town. BUILD BRAND EQUITY Atlanta Affinity Group has developed a campaigns that will reach out to Your Companies target market of individuals 21-36. This campaign will focus on the lifestyle of the Your Companies target market and keep Your Companies brand on their mind via Radio, Internet and mobile marketing. Campaign Elements: VIP Suite Winners For 2005 Atlanta NFL Season (Radio Station Winners) Massive Radio (1000x) and Internet (250,000x) Campaigns (17 weeks) Bartenders Ball Sponsorship (Monthly Event) Mobile Marketing Vehicles (Video Trucks & Vehicle Wraps) Celebrity Appearances and Photos with Product Backdrops Product Placement Rewards Program (Retailer and Sales Rep)

Atlanta Affinity Group Promotions Inclusion Fee: 

Atlanta Affinity Group Promotions Inclusion Fee SERVICES Atlanta Affinity Group has an experienced staff of coordinators who will assist Your Company in the following areas: - venue selection - radio commercial copy - security - invitation design - street team - radio commercial copy FEES - Five (5) month commitment @ $12,000 per month What Fee Includes All promotional items below to be executed for Your Company. Monthly Inclusions but not limited to the following: - Title Naming Rights - Exclusive Category Product Placement - Radio Inclusion (1000x) - Bartenders Ball Sponsorship (Monthly) - Internet Inclusion (250,000) - Mobile Media Placement - 100 Suite Tickets (Radio Contest Winners) & 40 Suite Tickets (Retail & Reps)

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