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Understanding what Laser Marking Machines are capable of can make you appreciate the number of uses it has been put through in the manufacturing industry.


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Heatsign.Com No.123 Jinhua yuan Binhu district wuxi city Jiangsu china. Tel: +86-85111162 Heat Sign The Science of Marking

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How Laser Marking Machines Have Revolutionized the Manufacturing Industry Understanding what Laser Marking Machines are capable of can make you appreciate the number of uses it has been put through in the manufacturing industry. Consumer electronics promotional engineering medical automotive are only some of the prominent industries employing the use of laser marking machines. Our company is staffed with trained experts who can help you with all your needs. The consumer and automotive industry markings allows marking of corporate logos bar codes and etchings. What is a laser A laser is a kind of light or beam which is powerful enough to penetrate and mark a surface. It is like a tool but a more sophisticated one. Scientists discovered it in 1960s. Soon enough the manufacturers realized its potential in the production industry and began employing it widely in vast number of industrial procedures. Laser etching and marking are terms often used interchangeably and the only difference between them is that laser etching employs the use of certain masks and chemicals. Engraving etching or marking through a laser is a simple procedure however the precision and fineness of details is mind blowing when lasers are used. What Can Lasers Do In the manufacturing industry laser marking machines are used for the following purposes:

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 weld  heat condition  etch  engrave  mark It is used in the goods and manufacturing industry to mark and engrave the following materials:  coated metals  wood  acrylic Plexiglas  glass  leather  marble  plastic  fiberglass  PETG  thin polycarbonates Mylar  styrene expanded PVC Sintra The Benefits of Using Laser Marking Machines.  Laser marking machines can easily penetrate through multifarious profiles.  Laser marking is a single procedure and doesn’t require the employment of supplementary procedures and thus reduces operational hassles.  Due to the unison of procedures laser marking is cost effective in terms of reducing operational costs.  Due to its precision and finesse of details laser marking produces similar results each time.  It leaves behind no uneven edges rough projections and residue.  It lessens chances of contamination and distortions.  It provides aesthetic finish to the products.  It can mark and etch surfaces that are fairly minute and not visible from naked eye.  CO2 lasers make the marking of glass more clear-cut.  The automotive industry marking comprises adding resilient highly contrasted markings to car interiors and exteriors.  Laser enables the marking of products in the most efficient manner that is from one to ten thousand items in an assembly line can be marked at a rate of milli-seconds per character. Thus using Laser Marking Machines has revolutionized the production industry in unimaginable ways. The speediness and efficiency of this technology has reduced operational costs and time eliminated the need for supplementary supplies and boosted production. Learn more about laser marking machines and their potential at

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