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"What exactly full body check up is? What are the tests in full body check up? Are these tests really necessary, If yes, Are they same for my wife, children and my old parents? Most of the times we do not understand what exactly should we test. These all are few questions we come across whenever we hear full bpody check up. This blog explains in details why and what of full body check up and when to have it."


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Health Please Your Conveniene, Our Priority:

Health Please Your Conveniene, Our Priority


How to Maintain Your Body with Full Body Check-Up??


In today’s fast paced life, do you find yourself busy for everything but your Health ??


The older communicable diseases like Malaria, Typhoid and Polio have become curable but lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases and cancer are getting prevalent. We do not have the time to review our health condition, eat a balanced and timely meal, move ourselves appropriately, take a good night’s sleep, and on and on


So if you want to lead a healthier life you should not only eat well and sleep well but also meet your doctor from time to time as part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is what is called a regular health checkup.


What is a full body check-up?


A Full body health checkup is nothing but an assessment of your entire body and its functioning.


Why is a full body check-up important?


A preventive health checkup helps your doctor evaluate your state of well being and diagnose any potential health threats right at the beginning. That is why you need to see your doctor regularly and do regular health checkups – whether you are healthy or not.


Mandatory tests under a Full body checkup:-


In the 20s and 30s Complete Haemogram Lipid Profile Diabetes Screen Test In 40s Cardiac Risk Markers Diabetes Risk assessors Lifestyle Profile test


So make sure you get tested at regular intervals, eat healthy, exercise regularly, keep away from habits and addictions and follow the basic preventive measures.


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