Top 3 Benefits Of Consuming Healthy Fermented Foods

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As it turns out, fermentation not only provides an amazing flavor, but it also has positive health and economic benefits. Below are some of them.


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Top 3 Benefits Of Consuming Healthy Fermented Foods What are fermented foods To answer that question we need to start with the distant past… In ancient civilizations fermentation was a way of preserving foods. And as a result you’d end up with foods that had a really intense taste due to the process. Examples of fermented foods include:  Yoghurt  Pickles  Sauerkraut  Kefir As it turns out fermentation not only provides an amazing flavor but it also has positive health and economic benefits. Below are some of them. 1 They are natural probiotic foods. Probiotics are ingredients which help the growth of beneficial bacteria especially ones residing in your gut. Gut bacteria especially the healthy ones are necessary to keep your gut properly functioning.

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An example of this would be lactobacillus which is a probiotic found in milk products such as yoghurt. Lactobacillus is known to help with the ingestion of dairy products especially for those who lack dairy tolerance. It is also known to help with diarrhea. You also have Bifidobacterium which is necessary to fixIrritable Bowel Syndrome. The growth and sustainability of healthy bacteria is useful for other health reasons. An example of this would be reduction in cholesterol which is a trait of Lactic Acid Bacteria. Lactic Acid Bacteria is also known to reduce gut inflammation. Because of these benefits fermentation products are considered to be better than normal fibre foods. They’re tastier too and unlike fibre foods they don’t taste like twigs ha-ha. Amazing gut benefits aren’t they You’d get the impression that they’d hurt your gut from the sour taste. That’s all been debunked now. 2 Cost-effective for great taste. Extremely cost-effective for great taste. Fermented foods are all over the supermarkets and can be used for a variety of meals. You can eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner. You can eat them on the fly at work with a sandwich in hand too. This diversity in use ensures flexibility with packing appropriate flavors regardless of where you are. You remember the preservation stuff at the beginning right For example you can make a dip out of yoghurt and eat it with a bag of chips. You can line some pickles in your sandwich. And they don’t cost too much too. You’re not out there to buy caviar my friend. 3 Personal preservation. Let’s say you’ve got some cabbage or cucumbers in your fridge and they’re about to go rotten. What do you do You pickle them. Fermentation isn’t a complex process. You’ll enjoy it a lot especially if you’re kitchen savvy. It saves you the cost of having to buy more vegetables when you already do have access to homemade beautifully sour delicacies. And that’s about it. That’s all you need to know about fermentation products. One thing that I should mention though is the dehydration. Fermented foods can be quite draining on your body’s water. If you’re into consumption of beauties and have a “sour tooth” don’t forget to keep a lot of water by your side. Just remember too much of anything is harmful. You want the health benefits in the end don’t you

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