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Cholesterols are amongst the most misunderstood human health factors for common public. The good vs bad, and how high is high – often become topics of public debate. Although we have been told over decades that we need to be very careful with cholesterols, there has also been recent research that indicates that it may after all not be as bad, as we thought. There is nevertheless every reason to be knowledgeable, and stay cautious.


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15 February 2019 Riya-Mittal Health Management Healthy Diet Healthy Heart Healthy Living Read times DEMYSTIFYING CHOLESTEROL Good or bad Discussions around cholesterol are often confusing. Before we take a deeper look at the subject it is important for everyone to know – cholesterol is vital for our body. Our body uses cholesterol to make cell tissues protect nerves and make some hormones. But what is Cholesterol This waxy substance is a type of lipid just as fats are. However it is very important to know that - unlike fat you can’t burn cholesterol with exercises and body can’t use it as a source of energy. Our liver produces the Cholesterol needed by our body. In addition most of the animal products we consume including meat chicken fish eggs and high-fat dairy products – are rich sources of cholesterol. Body transports fats and cholesterol in the bloodstream by coating them with a water- soluble bubble of protein – called ‘lipo-protein’. Low-density lipoproteins LDL carry cholesterol to tissues. High LDL levels are linked to higher risks of heart disease and are considered ‘bad’. Helping children cope with stress → Cholesterol cholesterol levels BLOG     C A T E G O R I E S Child Health 5 Diabetes 8 Exercise and Fitness 9 Health Management 14 Healthy Diet 9 Healthy Heart 3 Healthy Living 24 Mental Health 9 Oral Health 2 Personal Health Records 3 Pregnancy 5 Respiratory health 1 Sleep Health 2 Weight Management 3 Womens Health 9 HEALNT MD HEALNT LOGIN

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High-density lipoproteins HDLs carry excess cholesterol back to the liver and are considered ‘good’. Liver processes and excretes the cholesterol. What are the ideal Cholesterol levels A lipid-profile test would reveal the quantity of different types of cholesterols in our body. Some rough guidelines: The total cholesterol reading should be approximately equal to the sum of LDL HDL and other lipoproteins. Ideally – for every 1 mg of HDL the total cholesterol should be under 3.5 mg Aim for a total cholesterol level of under 200 mg/ dl. Y ounger people should aim for even lower levels 150 to 180. Lower the LDL the better. Prevent LDL to cross 130 mg/ dl Higher the HDL the better. Levels of 60 and higher reduce the risks of heart disease For more information visit the Healnt Blog. Download Healnt today to actively monitor your health vitals doctor consultations medical reports prescriptions and much more. Get Healnt Android App here. Get Healnt iOS App here. Related posts Demystifying Cholesterol Cholesterols are amongst the most misunderstood human health factors for common public. The go… 6 Diet Techniques to Keep your Heart Healthy Here is your perfect diet plan for a heart healthy approach. So put down that cheeseburger and choo… Diabetes - 5 ways Diabetes can impact your body Diabetes can lead to numerous complications thereby affecting your entire body. Learn what uncon… What is cholesterol high cholesterol cholesterol test normal cholesterol levels hdl cholesterol cholesterol numbers high cholesterol foods cholesterol range total cholesterol good cholesterol levels bad cholesterol high cholesterol levels ldl levels bad cholesterol levels cholesterol normal range blood cholesterol levels what is cholesterol level ldl cholesterol high hdl and ldl low density lipoprotein hdl cholesterol high which is the good cholesterol lipoprotein Be the f irst to rate this post    

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