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Breast lumps, cysts, mastitis or pain can occur at various stages. Not all of this may be abnormal but staying acutely aware and seeking timely medical help are vital. 1 in 22 women in India is at risk of developing breast cancer. The current mortality rate is almost 50%.


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28 December 2018 Dr-Suman-Mian Healthy Living Womens Health Read times BREAST HEALTH - THE DIRE NEED FOR AWARENESS Amongst all body parts breasts are perhaps the one that women are and should be the most conscious about. Breasts undergo changes in size shape with age. Staying actively aware of how your breasts look and feel is the first step towards taking care of your breast health. Know your breasts From adolescence to menopause stage a womans breasts go through various changes. Along the way some women might experience breast lumps cysts mastitis or painful breasts. For a woman familiar with the look and feel of her breasts and with some basic knowledge it becomes easier to notice abnormal changes. Noticing these changes requires regular and deliberate self-examination. Women should conduct a self- examination of breasts from their 20s onwards at least once a month. To learn how to self- examine and in what situations to consult a doctor it is always helpful to take guidance from a doctor or a trained medical practitioner. Self-Examination Observing Shape Size and Color: Stand in front of a mirror with hands on hips and straight shoulders. Keenly observe the shape color and size of your breasts and nipples. Understanding Sepsis → Breast Health Breast problems BLOG     C A T E G O R I E S Child Health 4 Diabetes 8 Exercise and Fitness 9 Health Management 13 Healthy Diet 8 Healthy Heart 2 Healthy Living 23 Mental Health 8 Oral Health 2 Personal Health Records 3 Pregnancy 5 Respiratory health 1 Sleep Health 2 Weight Management 3 Womens Health 9 HEALNT MD HEALNT LOGIN

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Look for any unusual changes any rashes redness swelling scaliness or discharge. Also observe if there is any change in the number or size of veins visible. Compare the two breasts to verify changes. Repeat the same with hands raised above your head. Feel your breasts: Both in standing position as well as lying down with head resting on your arm bent at the elbow with fully stretched hand and figures press and feel the entire area of your breasts down from collarbone to abdomen and including armpits. Look for any lumps pain dimpled or flattened areas or anything that appears different from before. When to see a doctor It is normal to experience some discomfort in the breast triggered by the hormonal changes on the onset of or during the menstrual cycle pregnancy lactation perimenopause and postmenopause. But consult your doctor if you observe any of the following: breast lumps that feel different from normal breast nodularity breast cyst- a fluid-filled sac in the breast tissue changes in the shape of your breast changes in the color of your breast discharge from nipple or pain accompanied by a lump discharge is watery or bloodstained from the nipple changes inversion or pulling in in the nipple breast inflammation causing redness heat lumpiness and pain any persistent nipple or breast itching or rash The importance of breast self-examination and timely doctor consultations cannot be overemphasized. Of all the known cancers breast cancer growth rates are alarming. It is also the most common cancer found in India – disregarding age region financial standing and surprisingly – even gender. Breast cancer rates are on the rise in younger women too. A recent study shows 1 in 22 women in India develops breast cancer. Of every two women who develop breast cancer one dies. Staying actively aware and seeking timely medical help go a long way in early detection and successful treatment. For more information visit the Healnt Blog. Download Healnt today to actively monitor your health vitals doctor consultations medical reports prescriptions and much more. Get Healnt Android App here. Get Healnt iOS App here. Related posts Womens Health Breast self-examination Breast cyst Womens breast health Breast care Importance of breast health awareness Need of awareness among indian women Breast cancer Breast nodule Breast tumor Breast awareness Know your breast Indian womens breast Breast cancer risk Breast disease Indian breast health Breast cancer statistics Breast cancer in India Be the f irst to rate this post    

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