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Handling baby colic can be frustrating, but the situation will eventually pass and is usually nothing to worry about. Since colic does not cause any short-term or long-term medical problems for a child, your baby should continue to feed and gain weight usually.


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07 December 2018 Dr-Suman-Mian Child Health Read times HANDLING BABY COLIC Babies are always a source of joy but there are occasions when they unexplainably become cranky or keep crying often. One of the reasons for such conditions can be ‘Colic’. The term Colic is used for recurrent lasting and acute crying in a healthy infant. It obviously causes frustration in parents as there is no apparent reason for the babys suffering and nothing seems to comfort the baby. The colic episodes can occur at any time but more often in the evenings. The colic condition appears to be equally prevalent in babies of both genders and irrespective of whether the baby is breastfed or formula-fed. Colic events can start to show up from the age of a couple of weeks and usually stop occurring around the age of 4 or 6 months. Parents need to learn to identify colic events baby discomfort and should wait for the fussiness to improve on its own. Symptoms of baby Colic If your baby has started frequently with crying episodes as long as even 3 hours a day several times a week the baby colic might be the cause. Colic is often accompanied with: Stiffened legs Stiffened arms Managing Asthma → Handling colic in Indian babies BLOG     C A T E G O R I E S Child Health 4 Diabetes 8 Exercise and Fitness 9 Health Management 12 Healthy Diet 8 Healthy Heart 2 Healthy Living 21 Mental Health 7 Oral Health 2 Personal Health Records 3 Pregnancy 5 Respiratory health 1 Sleep Health 2 Weight Management 3 Womens Health 8 HEALNT MD HEALNT LOGIN

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Clenched fists Arched back Tense abdomen Causes of Baby Colic Though the colic’s exact cause is not known possible contributing factors include: A growing digestive system with muscles that often spasm Gas Eczema Hormones that cause stomach pain or a fussy mood Sensitivity to light noise etc. A still-developing nervous system Pressure or inflammation of the brain and nervous system Eye trouble like a scratch or increased pressure Overfeeding underfeeding or infrequent burping Imbalance of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract Food allergies or intolerances Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease GORD which is a condition where stomach acid moves back out of the stomach and into the gullet oesophagus. Diagnosis of Baby Colic Not all crying babies are colic. Doctor or pediatrician can find out the exact nature and eliminate other similar symptoms. Continuous crying may be colic or an indication of an illness or condition that causes pain or discomfort. Treating Baby Colic Depending on the need of the babies the doctor would suggest trying one thing at a time. The following steps may help you to soothe or settle your baby: Preventing your baby swallowing air by sitting or holding them upright during feeding Burping baby after feeds Gently rocking baby over your shoulder Bathing baby in a warm bath Gently massaging baby’s tummy Some babies may also benefit from changes to their diet Lay them on their back in a dark quiet room Swaddle snugly in a blanket Laying the baby your lap and gently rub baby’s back Try infant massage Put a warm water bottle on babys belly Have the baby suck on a pacifier Seek immediate medical advice in case the baby Has a weak high-pitched or continuous cry Seems floppy when you pick them up Is not feeding Vomits green fluid Colic baby help Why does my baby keep crying How long does colic last Colic baby How to treat colic Symptoms of colic in babies Feeding colic baby How to know my baby has colic Crying Indian Babies Baby colic treatment Colic in new born babies Causes of baby colic Baby colic remedies

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Has blood in their poo Has a fever Has a bulging fontanelle the soft spot at the top of a babys head Has a fit seizure Has breathing problems such as breathing quickly or grunting while breathing For more information visit the Healnt Blog. Download Healnt today to actively monitor your health vitals doctor consultations medical reports prescriptions and much more. Get Healnt Android App here. Get Healnt iOS App here. Related posts Handling baby colic Handling baby colic can be frustrating but the situation will eventually pass and is usually nothin... Breastfeeding Tips Benefits While there are several known benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and her baby it can be a ch... Miscarriages: Are they avoidable Learn how you can avoid miscarriages by taking timely precautions and watching out for symptoms.… Be the f irst to rate this post    

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