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Poste Italiane Group e-Banking Services


Overview of Poste Italiane ICT resources e-Banking services Agenda

Poste Italiane Group – Profile: 

Group’s Profile Poste Italiane is the largest Italian company focused on serving citizens and enterprises (“Network Company”) (*) Main business units Poste Italiane Group – Profile Business Units (*) “Business Unit Mail” “B.U. Express and Parcels” “B.U. BancoPosta” “B.U. Philately” Employees ~155.000 in Post Offices ~60.000 on Mail Delivery ~42.000 Network Post Offices ~ 14.000 Served Houses ~ 24 mln Distribution Centers ~ 900 Banking services Accounts ~ 5 mln On line accounts ~ 650.000 Debit and credit cards ~ 9 mln Poste pay cards ~ 3 mln Revenues ~ 17 Mld€ Mail/Logistic Services ~ 5,3 Mld€ Insurance Services ~ 7,0 Mld€ Financial Services ~ 4,4 Mld€ Other Revenues ~ 0,3 Mld€ Rev. Growth 2006/2005 ~ + 3,5% Mass Printing, Direct Mktg Freight & Logistics Retail Banking Corporate Banking Insurance Internet Services Saving certificates

The Business System of Poste Italiane Group: 

Financial Services “Factory” Mail Services “Factory” Logistic Services “Factory” The Business System of Poste Italiane Group is composed of 6 main elements The Business System of Poste Italiane Group Relevant area for presales , sales and post-sales processes Relevant area for processes supporting company operations: Administration, Finance and Controlling HR and Organization Procurement and Real Estates ... Relevant areas for “core” processes products/services development (marketing) specific products/services fulfillment /execution (operations) ICT Factory Design, Development and Management of ICT resources functional to the achievment of business objectives


Distribution Chain 14.000Post Offices 61.000 Mail Boxes 104 Contact Point 16 Flights per day 320 heavy tracks 600.000 km driven per day 18 Automated centres 81 Non automated centres 164 Sorting systems 5.000 Delivery offices 42.000 Postmen 38.000 Vehicles 9.00 16.00 21.00 3.00 8.00 13.00 Staff: 72.000 people Volumes (item/year) ~ 7 Mld Collection First sorting of mail Transportation and handling Delivery Second sorting of mail


Overview ICT resources e-Banking services Agenda

ICT Stack - Overview: 

ICT Stack - Overview Pysical Mgmt. Logical Mgmt.

TLC Network: 

TLC Network Modello “To-Be” 2005 An optical backbone connects the Data Centers Branches are connected via regional MPLS access MPLS Backbone and access network 10.500 Major Post Offices in MPLS and 3.500 in Flat ISDN Networking infrastructure among Data Centers Web TV platform Content Delivery Network platform in more than 400 sites Main features Regional MPLS access routers

Data Centers: 

Data Centers Rome2 – Pomezia 900 m2 approx Milan* 300 m2 approx. 900 m2 Approx. Milan Operating Capacity 1. Storage 480 TB approx. 2. Computational capacity: Mainframe 14.000 MIPS approx. 3. Computational capacity: Open systems 55.000 SpecInt approx. 1.830 m2 approx. Rome (A and B sites) * Site for Disaster Recovery


Service Control Room – What & Why (1/2) What Service Control Room includes human resources, processes and information systems that ensure an “end-to-end” monitoring of business services supplied through ICT infrastructures. Why In large companies, the Chief Information Office is shifting its attention toward “internal customers”, becoming a true “Service Provider” (not only a “HW/SW buyer”) Following the definition of an ICT Service Management model – and definition of Service Level Agreements (SLA) among the Chief Information Office and the Internal Customers (other Depts) – Service Control Room is the place for SLA management and monitoring The Chief Information Office is required to demonstrate, in a quantitative way, its support to achieve corporate wide goals Service Control Room reports the availability of ICT resources and translates it in business services’ availability


CONTROL ROOM CRISIS UNIT Two facilities has been built in Poste Italiane’s headquarter in Rome “Control Room”, to monitor in real time (24/7 basis) all the ICT resources and services “Crisis Unit”, to host crisis-management meetings, at the highest levels of the emergency management escalation’s process Service Control Room (2/2)


Overview ICT resources e-Banking services Agenda

BancoPosta’s business model: 

BancoPosta is similar to and competing with banks even if it is not allowed to take financial or credit risks. According to the law D.P.R. 14/3/2001 n.144, Poste Italiane is not allowed to directly underwrite a loan or other financial instruments. Poste Italiane is allowed to sell financial instruments issued by other banks or institutions (Art. 2, comma 1). BancoPosta’s business model


Providers BancoPosta Skills Distribution Channels Customers Retail Corporate BancoPosta: the white label model Post Offices www.poste.it Sales Force


“Pure” on line accounts On line accesses to traditional accounts Accounts used for e-banking only Accounts used for trading online BPOL’s reference market in Italy Type of Services 650 000 online accounts 11% market share On line accounts can be segmented by type of enabled operations and provided services. Type of Operations BPOL’s reference market


Bank transfers and other transactions (1/2) Mean value: 2,4 transfers and other transactions per account. Increase in transaction number is due to a larger customer base, not to an increase in the average number of transactions per customer. Mean value: 4,6 transfers and other transactions per account. Increase in transaction number is due to a larger customer base and to an increase in the average number of transactions per customer. Market Average BPOL customers Transfers and other transactions (T&OT) - Market Average 0 1 2 3 4 5 2°sem 03 1°sem 04 2°sem 04 1°sem 05 2°sem 05 1°sem 06 Number of T&OT per account 0 5 10 15 20 25 Number of T&TOT (mln) Number of T&OT per account Number of T&OT Transfers and other transactions (T&OT) - BPOL 0 1 2 3 4 5 2°sem 03 1°sem 04 2° sem 04 1° sem 05 2° sem 05 1° sem 06 Number of T&OT per account 0 1,0 2,0 3,0 4,0 5,0 Number of T&OT (mln) Number of T&OT per account Number of T&OT 2,4 4,6


21,4 MIO TOT. MARKET TOT. BPOL 4 MIO BPOL is one of the leaders for number of transfers and other online transactions * 1st semester 2006 data ** Combined value of Intesa and SanPaolo Number of transfers and other transactions* Bank transfers and other transactions (2/2) 18,8% 11,8% 20,6% 8,2% 5,1% 3,5% 3,3% 28,7% BancoPosta Capitalia Intesa SanPaolo** Unicredit MPS PopMilano BNL Others


Usage of the existing payment platform BancoPosta Payment Platform eBanking services Digital Communications eCommerce Payments via mobile phone Under development The existing platform enables different services, included a new micro-payment service via mobile phone. Online registered mail ... Online letter Online telegrams


The MVNO opportunity for Poste Italiane A Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a mobile telecommunication operator which does not own the network infrastructure and the operating license. Its operations are based on a third party provider; existing or only announced MVNOs are more than 200 worldwide. In Italy, the regulatory framework did not yet allowed the launch of MVNO; while, in 2006, the AGCOM (the Communication Authority) called for the definition of commercial agreements among network owners and interested actors, effectively enabling the launch MVNO during 2007. COMPETITIVE STRATEGY Poste Italiane can leverage on some competitive advantages typical of most successful MVNOs: e.g. leverage on its sales channels and customer base using a cross-selling approach Poste Italiane wants to became an “Enhanced Service Provider”, managing independently: the relationship with final clients marketing value added services BUSINESS MODEL MARKET OPPORTUNITY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES 1 Consolidated Customer base 2 Distribution channel 3 Innovation capabilities 4 Know-How and ICT assets 5 Brand With the MVNO, “we take a SIM card and debit card and merge them together” M.Sarmi (CEO)

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