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Mood and Tone : 

Mood and Tone Julio M.

Mood : 

Mood Mood is the feeling that a selection or passage makes you feel. Of course, an author can’t just come out and tell you the mood, so you have to figure it out by the tone. Mood is made up of tone and many other literary elements.

Tone : 

Tone Tone is used to convey mood. This is the author’s attitude toward their audience. This can be revealed by the choice of words or certain details in the story.

What Moods are there? : 

What Moods are there? Tons. Mysterious, Ironic, Serious, Funny, Etc.

Well, what about Tones? : 

Well, what about Tones? As many as there are moods. Some possible attitudes are: pessimism, optimism, earnestness, seriousness, bitterness, humorous, and joyful

In Short… : 

In Short… Tone is what the AUTHOR’S attitude to his audience, While mood is YOUR feeling toward the text.

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