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rokk ebony is a professional hair salon in Melbourne. Our stylists, colourists and hairdressers are passionate about delivering outstanding haircuts and styles to suit every individual.


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Balayage Hair Colouring Services in Melbourne Balayage is a French colouring technique. Colour is applied in a sweeping motion to give you the sun kissed look Balayage is the latest A-list hair trend that will sweep you off your feet and give you the soft sun-kissed hair you’ve always wanted For the best in Balayage hair colouring see one of their rokk-star colourists for your very own stylish work of hair-art What is Balayage Balayage is a French colouring technique developed in the 70s where colour is applied by hand in a sweeping motion to create delicate ribbons throughout your hair. These ribbons are designed to emulate strands that would naturally become lighter when exposed to the sun. The word Balayage literally means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’ By flawlessly transitioning dark hair to a lighter shade at the end the Balayage process adds more depth and dimension in your hair. Whether you want a radiant ‘just got back from summer holidays’ look or something sophisticated Balayage can be applied to range of styles and looks. What’s the Difference between Balayage and Highlights Because the technique of Balayage is softer and more free-flowing than traditional highlights regrowth is far less noticeable. Hand colouring also gives you the ability to control and carefully select where to apply colour for a totally personalised finish that complements your haircut skin tone and facial features. Upkeep is minimal but really depends on the look you want. With Balayage the technique is meticulously crafted and your colour can last an entire season starting off eye-catchingly strong before slowly fading into subtle wisps of remaining colour. What’s the Difference between Balayage and Ombré Ombré and Balayage are similar in style and are often confused. The word Ombré means ‘shadow’ and refers to the actual look which is deeper in contrast like a finessed ‘dip-dye’. This look is created using the Balayage technique but it is much more dramatic in style. Ombré is best suited for black or brunette hair and requires slightly more maintenance than Balayage as it grows out. Read more about Ombré hair colouring here.

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What are the Best Hairstyles for Balayage Anyone can be a Balayage babe No matter what your hair type length or colour Balayage can help create tousled beachy waves on long luscious locks or highlighting sharp edges on a modern bob. Even the shortest of pixie cut will get a beautiful lift with a touch of Balayage. Your colourist can help match your natural hair colour with the best tone to bring more life and vitality to your hair. While bronde is one of our most popular Balayage colours picture bronze to golden buttery tones dark chocolate to firery tips or ice-touched blonde are also popular choices – the options are infinite Ready for your new rokk look Their award-winning professional stylists and colourists are ready to help create the most beautiful and oh-so-flattering look that’s just right for you. Visit your nearest Rokk Ebony Salon for the best Balayage treatments in Melbourne.

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