Types Of Basement Construction And Its Benefit

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Different methods of basement construction have their own benefits. Readout which basement construction method is best suited for you according to their respective benefits.


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T y p e s O f B a s e m e n t C o n s t r u c t i o n A n d I t s B e n e f i t s

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1.Masonry Wall Basements These Basement Walls are built with masonry block units. There are numerous joints where the masonry units connect with one another. So ensure your basement is appropriately strenghthened and the walls are water proofed to keep away from the water leakage.

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Benefits 1.Strength 2.Durability 3.Temperature Control 4.Waterproofing

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2 . P r e c a s t C o n c r e t e B a s e m e n t s In this Precast concrete is used as a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable form which is then cured in a controlled environment transported to the construction site and lifted into place

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Benefits 1.Saves Construction Time 2.Quality Assurance 3.Usage of Prestressed Concrete 4.Cost-effective 5.Durability

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3 . P o u r e d C o n c r e t e W a l l B a s e m e n t s It begins with the pouring of a footing for the foundation. Forms are used to hold the wall in place as they dry. This results in strong basement walls that dont typically cause many problems.

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Benefits 1.Strength 2.Water resistance 3.Fire resistance 4.Design flexibility 5.Maintenance

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