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Rapporteur Summary – Track A Building bridges between community and political leadership: 

Rapporteur Summary – Track A Building bridges between community and political leadership Susie McLean & Sunita Grote

Regional and inter-governmental leadership: 

Regional and inter-governmental leadership SAARC, ASEAN, Pacific Island Forum (PIF) All have AIDS plans Potential role in monitoring progress on universal access in member countries Parliamentarians for Global Action Plans to support each other in the development of legislation to support AIDS programming, and to protect the rights of PLHA and vulnerable populations

Leadership in communities: 

Leadership in communities PLHA movement building across region Existing and emerging PLHA networks in Australia, Thailand, Nepal, Myanmar, and PNG PLHA organisations struggling to establish themselves, to register, to deliver services and to advocate for rights

Leadership in communities: 

Leadership in communities Announcement of the establishment of an Asian network of drug users Bali: drug user organising increases social capital and reduces vulnerability Launch of Minimum Standards for Civil Society Participation in the Universal Access Initiative by 7 Sisters

Bringing different leaders together: 

Bringing different leaders together Potential of conferences to bring different leaders together Dialogue between parliamentarians and PLHA

Migration and HIV/AIDS: 

Migration and HIV/AIDS Intergovernmental leadership required address the needs of migrants with HIV and those vulnerable to HIV crossing borders Malaysia: involve private sector employers, and ministries beyond health, such as immigration, human resources

Law reform for HIV prevention : 

Law reform for HIV prevention Legal barriers to HIV prevention across the region Criminalisation of sex work, injecting drug use and sex between men High levels of need across the region for harm reduction measures, very low coverage in particular of substitution treatment Legal barriers for substitution treatment are substantial and present across the region these barriers are not bound by international narcotics conventions can be overcome by classifying substitution treatment as medical treatment

Stigma and discrimination: 

Stigma and discrimination Cited as a challenge in many presentations 70 – 80% (?) Very little about interventions to address stigma and discrimination Exception: India - new Domestic Violence Law, protection for women living with HIV and their property rights

SRH/HIV integration: 

SRH/HIV integration SRH/HIV integration debates were one-way Addressing the needs of marginalised populations and issues of discrimination high demand for SRH and HIV convergence of different types from positive people Positive people experienced stigma in RH services Concrete guidance on how to integrate not why

Economics and financing : 

Economics and financing HIV prevention for IDU is ‘extremely cost-effective’ at 60% coverage Drugs and commodities are dominant cost drivers AIDS remains largest cause of mortality in this region

The agenda for leadership and activism: 

The agenda for leadership and activism Address stigma The law needs to play the appropriate role – foster justice, support implementation Policy based on science Activism – interventions can change policy Treatment – universal access

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