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09/08/2013 15:28 Hansel Jair Triviño Barreto 803 J.T Informática – Ingles Historia Del Futbol


known simply as football, is cited from 1863, year of foundation of The Football Association, although its origins, like other football codes, can be traced back several centuries in the past


Football goes back to the Mayans and the Greeks because they played like it was a sport that foot had to get the ball into a hoop and that's where football comes to some people


The first British codes that gave rise to association football were characterized by poor organization and extreme violence Since then football has enjoyed steady growth, to become the most popular sport in the world with about 270 million people involved .

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Professionalism and Amateurism: A cartoon of the era depicting rejection profesionalismo.Desde their early football in England was characterized as amateur, however, since the creation of the FA Cup in 1871 and the collection of tickets to attend the meetings, the players began to receive bids to play . first events: Scenes from the first official meeting between teams: Scotland 0 - England 0 (November 30 1872). Upon formalization of the new code on December 19, 1863 was held the first official match of the new sport: Rugby Football Club Barnes tied scoreless in Richmond Football Club in a match played in Mortlake , London, England

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Rules: Since the unification of rules of 1863 by the Football Association of England, each association in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland played their encounters with slightly different rules, which caused problems when play games together. To remedy this, the British called on other organizations to create a set of universal rules

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