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Hank Baughman is a person who is on a spiritual journey. A journalist by trade, Hank Baughman discovered the importance of spirituality after recovering from a serious illness. This illness served as a turning point, inspiring Hank Baughman to embark on his own spiritual journey. Hank Baughman has had multiple spiritual experiences, drawing his strength from the spiritual forces that are around us all.


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Hank Baughman Spiritual Person

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Spiritual Mission Though he works as a journalist, Hank Baughman is a man on a spiritual mission. After coming back from a major illness, Hank Baughman discovered that he needed to embark on a spiritual mission to inform others that not only is the afterlife real, but it is much better than our physical existence. Furthermore, Hank Baughman has a mission to tell others that we can draw strength from spiritual forces.

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Spirituality Hank Baughman is someone who is committed to spirituality. Hank Baughman discovered his spirituality after surviving a serious illness and undergoing multiple spiritual experiences. When he discovered this spirituality, Hank Baughman realized that not only is there an afterlife, but this afterlife is superior to our physical existence. Spirituality is a very important part of Hank Baughman’s life, and he feels that he is on a spiritual mission.

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Spiritual Growth Since recovering from a major illness, Hank Baughman has undergone much spiritual growth. In fact, Hank Baughman considers his illness to be a turning point in terms of his spiritual growth. Hank Baughman is now on a spiritual mission, imparting his belief in the afterlife upon others. Spiritual growth has been very important to Hank Baughman, who has had many spiritual experiences and believes that we can draw strength from spiritual forces. http://www.scribd.com/HankBaughman

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