The Story of Hank Armand

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The Story of Hank Armand


Many people like to travel these days, as it is something that is very easy to do and relatively cheap compared to what it used to be. However, thirty years ago traveling to foreign countries and booking trips it was something that was considered quite a complex ordeal and was not something that people undertook quite so enthusiastically and regularly as they do today.


However, there have always been adventurous people willing to take risks and push boundaries, and one of those people is entrepreneur Hank Armand. Hank was a keen traveller from his teenage years, and into his twenties he was travelling the world as much as he could on the budget he could afford. Traveling is his passion, and perhaps this is why he decided to go into the travel business full-time once he reached his mid-twenties.


He decided to set up a travel agency in his hometown to serve the local population, who at the time did not have many options or ways to book trips. It was more than 30 years ago when he set up his first business and at this time traveling was something of a novelty that was seen for the wealthier members of society only. The only other people who travel on a regular basis for those who did it out of necessity such as businessmen or people visiting relatives on other sides of the country.


Traveling abroad for holiday purposes, particularly from the United States was considered something almost unimaginable by most Americans as it was at the time extremely expensive, and getting anywhere from the United States by boat can be a long and arduous journey, with the exclusions of Mexico and Canada of course. Initially his travel agency focused primarily on domestic travel and business travel, and in the climate of the time this proved to be a highly profitable venture that made him a small fortune.


He started opening up other outlets in nearby towns and cities for the same purpose and these also proved to be highly successful ventures. He was always a man that had a strong business sense and knew what the public wanted, and as time went on international travel became much more popular and affordable and he has evolved his businesses to suit the constantly evolving climate. Now his businesses have strong online presences and serve people for all the regular domestic and international travel trips that are so popular these days.

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