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Visit our site http://www.cottonandolive.com/about-us/ for More Information on Hammam Towels There are many different towels to choose from, so one must know what to look for. There are different types of Hammam towels, meant for different situations. The fabrics used in making towels will vary, depending on what they're meant for. For bath towels to be effective and quality, it must use the right material for the given purpose.


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Hammam towels Hand-woven, striped beach towels in pure cotton, very authentic and strikingly different in spirit with charming hand-finished tassels. With combination of darker and warmer colors, this towel is particularly very handy for beach, caravan and camp holidays, spa retreats and any other outdoor activities.

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It is extremely quick dry with no time to get smelly. Fantastically versatile, sturdy and effortlessly stylish as an easy-going beach sarong for lounging, spa wrap, yacht towel, sofa throw or simply as a table runner. Hammam Towels UK

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Hammam Towel Indulge yourself to these beautifully hand-woven, quick dry towels in truly simple elegance, full of nautical features. Extra soft and cozy with raised texture all over. Exceedingly absorbent and fantastically lightweight, perfect as handy beach, yacht and spa towels.

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Being extremely compact and practical to wash & dry make towels ideal as sports and/or pool towels in pure style. A perfect travel companion when space, weight and washing are the issues . For further support on Hammam towels. Visit our website - www.CottonAndOlive.com

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