Pak Army Ranks


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Pakistan Army is one of the largest armies in the world with more than 650000 active troops. Its ranks are based on British army ranks. To get more info about Pak Army ranks, visit this link:


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Ranks of Pakistan Army Officers:

Ranks of Pakistan Army Officers

Pakistan Army Ranks:

Pakistan Army Ranks The ranks of Pak Army are based on British Army Ranks. The ranks of commissioned officers are following: 2nd Lieutenant :                   BPS-17 Lieutenant:                             BPS-17 Captain:                                   BPS-17 Major :                                       BPS-18 Lieutenant Colonel :           BPS-19 Colonel :                                   BPS-19 Brigadier :                               BPS-20 Major General :                     BPS-21 Lieutenant General :           BPS-22 General :                                   Apex Scale Field marshal :                       Apex Scale

Pak Army Ranks:

Pak Army Ranks


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