Neelum Valley

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Neelum Valley is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. It is located in Kashmir and is famous tourist place. To read more about Neelum Valley, Visit this link:


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Neelam Valley:

Neelam Valley

Neelam Valley:

Neelam Valley Neelam Valley is a beautiful valley in the Northeast of Muzaffarabad , Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. It is 144 km long bow shaped valley and it runs parallel with Kaghan Valley. It starts from Muzaffarabad to Taobutt and have several beautiful places in between, like Kutton , Athmuqam , Sharda , Keran , Kel , Arang Kel . Beautiful Neelam river flows throughout the Valley and increases the beauty of the valley.

Neelam Valley:

Neelam Valley

Best time to visit Neelam Valley:

Best time to visit Neelam Valley Best Time to Visit Neelam Valley is in summer season from April to August. You can also visit in winter but can only reach to Sharda , only if you have best driver. Because of the snow it is very hard to get past Sharda or even Keran .



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