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Abul hasan Waheed Sehar Roheen sumit Group Members Ambreesh Shadani Hamid Hussain



On the map! : 

On the map! Search Finished ! Searching.....

Denmark : 

Denmark – now and then - here and there !

Denmark : 

Denmark – part of Scandinavia - part of Europe 6 MILLION PEOPLE Capital: Copenhagen Queen Margaret the 2. NEGOCIATION Folketinget Statsminister = Prime Minister Monarchy DEMOCRACY


HISTORY Where it all started….

King Christian the 4th –1588 – 1648 the great constructor : 

King Christian the 4th –1588 – 1648 the great constructor

The Danish Kings – and Queens : 

The Danish Kings – and Queens Queen Margaret II and Prince Henrik Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary Prince Christian and Princess Isabella Prince Joachim and Princess Marie

The Royal Family of Denmark : 

The Royal Family of Denmark

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POLITICAL BACKGROUND Denmark is a constitutional monarchy. Queen margrethe has largely ceremonial powers, her most significant power is to appoint the pm. PM can dissolve the parliament any time. Present constitution dates from 1953, and establish a unicameral parliament.


POLITICAL BACKGROUND 1953 constitution was signed by king federick. That event marked Denmark’s transition to constitutional monarchy, putting an end to absolute monarchy.


POLITICAL BACKGROUND Folketing is composed of 179 seats. Denmark political parties includes; Danish peoples party Conservative party Social liberal party Socialist peoples party Christians peoples party


POLITICAL BACKGROUND Elections are held at least every 4 years. Two seats are reserved foroe island and two seats are reserved for greenland.

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Starting a company inDenmark right now

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Economic Analysis

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Why Denmark?

Technologically advanced free-market economy : 

Technologically advanced free-market economy gateway to Scandinavian countries flexible labor markets advanced telecommunication infrastructures tax rate of 25% well-educated graduates excellent language skills

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Macro-economic stability Flexicurity Infrastructure

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VALUE-ADDED production such as processing and finishing products switched to livestock production small- and medium-sized Business merging small companies Retain political economic autonomy. 2000: in a referendum decided not to join the common currency ‘Euro


GDP - real growth rate: -1.2% (2008 est.) 1.6% (2007 est.) 3.3% (2006 est.) DENMARK ECONOMY

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23 Germany 21.6%, Sweden 14.4%, Netherlands 7.1% Norway 6%, China 5.4% UK 5.3% Italy 4.1% France 4% Germany 17.4% Sweden 14.5% UK 8% US 6.1% Norway 5.7% France 4.8% Netherlands 4.8% $120.7 billion $119.5 billion

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Denmark is enduring a major recession





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Stil Life fruit ,Teapot&Apron

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Coffee Shop

Danes Society & Culture : 

Danes Society & Culture Modesty, punctuality but above all equality are important aspects of the Danish way of life. Privacy is a primary value in Danish etiquette. Danes show few emotions publicly, as the open expression of feelings is considered a sign of weakness.

Danes considers informality as a virtue. The nuclear family is the centre of the social structure in Denmark. Marriage is not a prerequisite to starting a family. Danish culture is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, egalitarianism, good manners and propriety.

Danes expect courteous behavior from everyone and talk in moderate tones. Denmark

jubilations : 

jubilations Birthday

Hofstadter's Model & GLOBE Project : 

Hofstadter's Model & GLOBE Project Individualism-Collectivism. Masculinity-Feminity. Uncertainty Avoidance. Gender Egalitarianism. Assertiveness. Societal Collectivism. Power Distance

Business Etiquette and Protocol in Denmark : 

Business Etiquette and Protocol in Denmark Business Negotiation

Work Interaction : 

Work Interaction Speed of Trust Program Analysis Decision Making Time to Decide Importance of Rules Style Uncertainty Level

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Denmark Area: 43 098 km2 Population: 5,6 Mio Official language: Danish Capital:Copenhagen

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Industries Denmark

Major Industries : 

Major Industries 43 Sustainable Development Potential Growth sector Quality of Life

Porter ModelIndustrial Analysis : 

Porter ModelIndustrial Analysis

Food industry : 

Food industry

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Industry Analysis Strategy Impact Analysis Background Intra competitors Danish Crown and other slaughterhouses Inter competitors TiCan Dutch Dumeco the English Malton Foods and Swedish Meat North American and global leader Smithfield and Tyson Denmark

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Southwest Analysis Strategy Impact Analysis Background Commodities easily available. Numerous suppliers. DLG and DLA Denmark

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Southwest Analysis Strategy Impact Analysis Background Retail Chains. High degree of bargaining Denmark

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Southwest Analysis Strategy Impact Analysis Background Barriers to entry Expected reaction of the existing firm. Spain a new threat. Poland and hungry threat for Danish export Denmark

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Southwest Analysis Strategy Impact Analysis Background Poultry and beef meat. Danske Slagterier. Tulip corporation Denmark

Industrial Competence : 

Industrial Competence

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Industrial Competence Strong vertical integration of the industry through its cooperative structure High quality of meat High Health and veterinary Standards Excellent food safety Well developed communication. transportation system pig farms bigger than European Low inflation Rate Denmark’s Capability

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Industrial Competence Good Efficiency and processing plants With High Utilization capacity High speed. responding to new markets Certification Mark DANISH and High reputation Pork industry Climate fairly without atmospherically excess Denmark’s Capability

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BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT A natural gateway to the Scandinavian countries and the Baltic area - Copenhagen Airport is the main hub in Northern Europe and Europe’s most efficient airport; a high-quality motorway network means swift and easy access to all markets in the Northern European region One of the world’s top 3 flexible labour markets One of the most advanced telecommunication infrastructures in Europe with world leading use of PC, Internet and Broadband A company tax rate of 25% and expatriates can benefit from a special tax regime A well-educated population with a high proportion of university graduates and excellent language skills

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ESTABLISHING A BUSINESS IN DENMARK Denmark offers ... A range of corporate forms enabling investors to tailor the investment to business needs and activities Quick, informal and cost-efficient establishment procedures Online incorporation of new companies within a few hours No resident requirements for managing directors or members of board directors Shareholders' and board meetings can be held electronically Dividends can be distributed on an interim basis No notarial deeds Danish company law in conformity with current EU legislation

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Denmark 2010, the Government wants to focus on the following investment areas: The Government intends to emphasise investment projects that: • place Denmark at the forefront of IT development and the knowledge-based Society • ensure a more efficient public sector • create a better infrastructure in the form of public facilities, buildings and roads • enhance the quality of public services • strengthen the maintenance of existing facilities, buildings and roads Investing in Denmark’s future

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S-W-O-T Analysis ... Strengths Welfare state with social responsibility Less corruption 98% Employment Ability to work and understand work as a co-creation process. Danish design is a recognizable brand Team Oriented Politically Stable Weakness Lack of openness to the world Lack of tolerance Try to hide their Expressions No government vision for design industries. Pesticides in the drinking water

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S-W-O-T Analysis ... Threats Lack of complete democracy Higher taxation Global warming Not a member of EMU Not good connection with the Muslim world Current Recession Opportunities High growth in Pharmaceutical industry Strategic geographical position bridge between scandivian other European markets Expand to create Wind energy Research on biomass to create energy Merge Small and medium size business

Comparison with U.K : 

Comparison with U.K U.K Total import value is higher than the total export value. Natural resources such as gold and natural gas and coal DENMARK One of the highest living standards in the world Denmark tries to become a clean country with less pollution and less Co2 emissions

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Denmark is a welfare state having constitutional monarchy. Denmark is the best in its Construction, Healthcare, Fisheries, Food processing machineries and Pharmaceutical industries. Low deficit Danish love their customs and values the most Denmark

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