Introduction of Beijing Histroy

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Beijing The history of civilization, Revolution & Globalization

Slide2: BC 770 Warning Period State of Yan BC 206 Han Dynasty Guang Yang town 618 Tang Dynasty You Zou Town 1153 Jin Dynasty Second Capital 1272 Yuan Dynasty First Capital 1421 Ming Dynasty Capital 1776 qing dynasty capital 1949 P.R China Beijing


“God regard life as the most important. A emperor should go after the god, loving the people. Choose the talent to help. Try best to benefit For the people” ZHUDI wrote in the edict of move capital to Beijing In MING Dynasty, Beijing is just one small office in north China ZhuDi, the 3rd Emperor of MING Dynasty ZhuDi was Prince of Beijing at his 11 years old ZhuDi seized the throne from his nephew To solve the troubles of the rebellion…. ZhuDi move the capital to Beijing at 1403


1966 ~ 2006 China 1949 P.R China 1966 Culture revolution 1978 Economy Reform 2001 China Enter WTO Europe mid century Inquisition Religiosity 1580 ~ 1989 Europe


40 years China fanatic spirit, depressive instinct tragic fate ethical Subversion fickleness orgies In 400 years Europe


History of Globalization


Beijing History of Globalization

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