Self Directed Learning

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Self Directed Learning:

Self Directed Learning Acknowledgement Miss Nazia By Hajra Noreen


Objectives Differences between Teacher Directed and Self Directed Learning Self Directed Learning Characteristics of Self Directed Learning Barriers of Self Directed Learning Use of Self Directed Learning Advantages and Disadvantages

Teacher Directed:

Teacher Directed Assumes the learner is dependant personality and that the Teacher has the responsibility what and how the learner should be taught. Assumes that the learner’s experience is of less value than that of the teacher and the textbook

Teacher Directed (Cont...):

Teacher Directed (Cont...) Assumes that students are motivated to learn in response to external rewards and punishments, such as grades, diplomas, awards, degrees, and fear of failure.

Self Directed :

Self Directed Human being has the capacity to learn independently, and that this capacity should be nurtured to develop. Learner’s experiences become an increasingly rich resource for learning.

Self directed (Cont..):

Self directed (Cont..) Assumes that Learners are motivated by internal incentives, e.g. need of self esteem, desire to achieve, the urge to grow, the satisfaction of accomplishment, the need to know something specific, and curiosity.

Self directed Learning:

Self directed Learning Self Directed Learning is a process in which individuals take the initiatives, with or without the help of others.

Characteristics of Self Directed Learner :

Characteristics of Self Directed Learner Initiative Independence Persistence Responsibility for own learning View problems as challenges Self discipline

Characteristics of Self Directed Learning (Cont..):

Characteristics of Self Directed Learning (Cont..) High degree of curiosity Strong desire to learn or change Time management Self confidence Good planning for completing work Joy in learning

Characteristics of Self Directed Learner (cont..):

Characteristics of Self Directed Learner (cont..) Ability to evaluate one’s own progress Exploratory view of education Knowledge of a variety of potential learning resources and ability to use them Ability to discover new approaches for dealing with problems Ability to formulate learning objectives Ability to select and use many learning strategies Positive orientation to the future creativity

Barriers to Self Directed Learning:

Barriers to Self Directed Learning Lack of Motivation Lack of self confidence Inability to identify one’s learning needs Inability to evaluate one’s progress Lack of interest in the subject Lack of resources Inability to manage time effectively

Use of Self Directed Learning:

Use of Self Directed Learning Distance learning (when the student is not present in regular classes, but interacts from distance) Private students (those who are not enrolled in any institute) Regular students Individual projects Research work

Advantages :

Advantages Growth in self confidence Improved attitudes toward learning Taking greater responsibility for their own learning than during more traditional classroom activities Development of higher order thinking, problem solving, collaborating skills.

Disadvantages :

Disadvantages The learner may not identify the learning needs according to his/her academic level The learner may not find or access appropriate resources for learning Unable to get peer feedback May find difficult to evaluate one’s own progress.

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