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Hair Loss Shampoo


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How Hair Loss Shampoo can Help Different Types of Hair Loss To loss 100 hairs a day is still normal but a sign of progressing hair loss that happens when you have that worrying amount in your hands should be given proper attention. Knowing the underlying cause is the first step to solve the problem. Types of Hair Loss There are types of hair loss which are caused by a lot of factors. Some causes that are attributed to poor hair health is either genetics or environmental origin. • Alopecia areata - this is an autoimmune disease that becomes apparent when the body doesnt recognize its own cells. The bodily hairs will significantly fall and will form hairless spots.There is no clear cause why people develop this kind of hair loss but observations pointed out to individuals with family history of this disease. • Involutional alopecia - is the normal thinning of hair due to a progression of aging. This happens because as we age the hair cycle becomes shorter which cause the hair to become thin and easily breaks. • Tinea capitis - this is a type of hair loss because of fungal infections on the scalp. The condition is characterized by itchy scaly scalp that has an appearance similar to that of ringworm. The hair then easily breaks off when infected leaving black dots to the scalp. • Traction alopecia - is due to applying force to hair for a long period of time. Probably because some tie their hairs very tightly which resulted in hair recession leaving some short hairs along the fringe. • Androgenetic alopecia - considered the most common hair loss type that affects men and women. The chances of having it in men are high compared to women.

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The main cause of this is the imbalanced DHT Dihydrotestosterone. DHT Is the hormone that is blamed to be responsible for male and female pattern hair loss. There are a lot of hypotheses associating hair loss to high DHT but comes along with debatable issues. Possible Treatments for Hair Loss There are approved treatments for alopecia hair loss but most of them are to be taken orally. In fact some of them are intended for other diseases but since patients who reacted to these treatments have been observed to have hair regrowth and appearance of thicker strands of hair a part of their ingredients has been approved for use to treat hair loss For Tinea capitis a specific treatment is effective which is to take the antifungal drugs orally. Totally different medication because for most antifungal drugs they are being applied topically. On the other hand the treatment available for the treatable hair loss type- Androgenetic alopecia comes in many forms. They are either in the form of supplements topical solutions and some are invasive procedures and lasers. And now they come in a hair loss shampoo too. Has the cure for hair loss problem finally discovered There is no wonder why sales of hair loss shampoo are high because there are claims coming in that shampoos containing DHT blocker can alleviate the problem. They contain ingredients which can strengthen hair to make it grow faster. They stimulate hair follicles and grow roots to promote hair regrowth.

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