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About Google April 2004: 

About Google April 2004 Conception, history,visual History Analysis SWOT, Core Competencies, PEST, Boston Matrix, Porter Revenue, Profit (Estimates), Value Chain IPO? Future?? tiny Google Doodle Quiz Research Powered by and the Mayo Team


Mission Statement


"Googol" is the mathematical term for a 1 Followed by 100 zeros. It's a very large number To: Organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful Structure Machine readable Happy Customers 200 million times a day I’m Feeling Lucky


History of Google


Founders Larry Page Graduate of University of Michigan (BSc. Engineering – Honours) Master’s Degree from Standford in Computer Science Received numerous leadership awards for his efforts toward improving the College of Engineering Came to prominence when he built a programmable plotter and inkjet printer out of Lego™. Sergey Brin Graduate of University of Maryland (BSc. Mathematics & Computer Science – Honours) Master’s Degree from Standford in Computer Science Recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Together formed Google in 1998 – Page, aged 27 and Brin, aged 26.


1995: Page & Brin meet 1996-97: Release “BackRub” – precursor to Google 1998: Google is born Funding USD1 million from friends, family and angel sponsors 1999: Venture capital funding of USD25 million First commercial customer – Red Hat Search technology adopted by AOL/Netscape 2000: Launches non-English language versions Yahoo! adopts Google’s search engine Expansion with agreements with leading portals & websites in US, Europe & Asia Google Number Search™ and Google Toolbar™ launched


2001: Backing by major corporate sites e.g. Vodafone, Proctor & Gamble and top three portals in Japan Search technology available to any palm-based handheld Country domains now offered Expands into Brazil & Latin America. Language offerings rise to 28. 2002: Launches Google Search Appliance AdWords Select Google News Google Labs Serach services and syndicated advertising agreement with AOL Sprint forms association with Google for first Wireless Image Search on PCS phones


2003: Advertising base exceeds 100,000 customers. First profit making search engine organisation. Signs agreement with Disney to provide web search and targeted sponsored links to Walt Disney Internet Group Web Properties (;, and Forms alliances with Lycos Continues domain country expansion 3 Billion items in web index 2004: Yahoo! agreement over Lawsuits pending over use of trademarks Googles tracking cookie making users weary of Google’s intent Exceeds 6 Billion items in web index


Searches per day


Old Google Layouts


Google SWOT


Strengths Strong brand image Advertising Technology People Innovation Privately owned and profitable Weaknesses Depends on others to make a profit High costs – highly skilled workforce with > 50 with Ph.D.s “Big Brother” syndrome starting to make users nervous Long-term revenue stream not assured, early in the web ecology, economy of links Opportunities Entry into new areas: Media company / Entertainment Web Portal Email, Personal, Blog Ecommerce / B2B Directory Semantic Web Threats Competition e.g. Teoma, Wisenut and Microsoft No unique, long-term customer relationship with individuals (only as good as the last search) New Technology Lawsuits / Privacy


Google became a verb Telegraph Herald Jan 14th 2001 “If you are googling your perspective dates…”


Google Core Competencies


Innovation Page-Rank, Google-In-A-Box Advertising Targated, Measured, Unobtrusive adds Understanding people “Do no Evil” Trust and Technology


Google PEST


Google’s STEP (+ is positive impact, - is negative)


Google BCG


Google Porter five Forces


Market Share


Size of Google Index


Google Revenue Estimates


2002 $294M Overture 38%, Google 16%, Yahoo! 8%, of Advertising Search Revenue 2003 $400M Microsoft approach Google about a partnership or buyout ($10 bn?) 2003 $700M -$1Bn, Yahoo reports $1.63Bn, Jan 2004 $1Bn Google used by 39%of US Internet users, compared with 30% for Yahoo Mar 2004 $4Bn Ask Jeeves and ISH : $250M (7% Market): Yahoo! Estimates $2.12-$2.25BN in 2004


Google Profit Estimates


2002: $10M pay-per-click model for contextual ads Google Search Appliance(GSA) $28k - $450k 2003: >$100M Gross margins 70% - 80%. eBay 80%- 90%: Yahoo! :$46.7m for Q1 2004: $150-$300M Ask Jeeves and ISH : $60M (7% Market) – Ask Jeeves bids $420M for ISH Mar 2004: $1Bn US paid search advertising spending jumped 123% last year to $2Bn, and is likely to grow another $500M this year and next.


Google IPO


2003: $14Bn-$18Bn Market Cap $2Bn raised in Cash - Yahoo expected to report $28Bn Market Cap July 2003: Yahoo! spend $1.6 billion for marketing search specialist Overture; Jan 2004: $12Bn-$25Bn Google sign with investment banks Goldman Sachs Group and Morgan Stanley to handle IPO; Comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Feb 2004: Sergey Brin and Larry Page, join Forbes magazine's list of global billionaires. Mar 2004: $36.7Bn – Google: 150,000 advertisers worldwide. Yahoo drop Google.Yahoo launched its own search technology last month after acquiring, Inktomi and Overture Mar 2004: Open Online Auction? Google deny IPO rumours


Google Value Chain

What Next?: 

What Next? IPO Yes or no? It will hurt their innovation They don’t need the money, But! YES / No / Yes / No /….. YES Communities on the WEB Treat to economy of links Off the Wall? Grid, Search applications platform Research Powered by and the Mayo Team


Google Doodle


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