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A Celebration of Blessing: 

A Celebration of Blessing The Family Federation for World Peace-- Blessing 2000

It All StartsWith the Family: 

It All Starts With the Family Where does True Love start? It starts in the family. Husband and wife together represent God’s parental love to their children. When parents truly love each other and give themselves unselfishly to their children, the Kingdom of Heaven begins. Families where God dwells join together to form communities, and thus God’s Kingdom expands to encompass the world. Add Corporate Logo Here EXIT andgt;

Family Restores the Original Ideal ofAbsolute Love: 

Family Restores the Original Ideal of Absolute Love Love begins on the individual level as a person receives God’s love through his or her parents and brings mind and body into harmony. It expands to the family level when a married couple unites in sexual love and gives birth to children, creating a family in which God dwells. Finally it expands to the world and all things. Add Corporate Logo Here EXIT andgt;

Family HarmonyIs the Foundation: 

Family Harmony Is the Foundation A tradition of True Love in the family initiates a lineage in which the joy of godly life flows from one generation to the next. Our society is sorely in need of such a tradition. Thus, harmony within the family is the foundation for world peace. One learns to love one’s neighbors by loving one’s brothers and sisters. Ultimately, we are all one family with God as our Parent. Add Corporate Logo Here EXIT andgt;

True LoveLasts Forever: 

True Love Lasts Forever If we believe in the eternal nature of the human spirit, shouldn’t love also last forever? The Family Federation offers a celebration of Blessing which not only renews the couple’s bond with each other and God, it also makes a powerful statement to the world. Add Corporate Logo Here EXIT andgt;

Dedicate Your Marriageto God: 

Dedicate Your Marriage to God Just as God makes each day new, so too does He offer us opportunities from time to time to assess our past and start anew at a deeper level. Whether you are a new couple just starting out on love’s adventure, a husband and wife desiring to renew your vows, or a mature pair with grandchildren, the Blessing serves to dedicate your marriage and family to the highest ideals. Add Corporate Logo Here EXIT andgt;

The Family Federation-A True Family Movement: 

The Family Federation- A True Family Movement The Family Federation celebrates the value of committed marriages and eternal love. By participating in the Blessing Ceremony, you affirm your pledge to live in love with your spouse--not just till 'death do us part'--but forever. Blessing 2000 will unite 400 million people worldwide through this vision of One World Under God. Add Corporate Logo Here EXIT andgt;

The BlessingRenew Families, Restore Communities: 

The Blessing Renew Families, Restore Communities Regardless of our family origin or spiritual beliefs, the Blessing offers us an opportunity to release the past and begin anew. We can align our spirits with Divine Love and recreate our family relationships at a deeper, more harmonious level. An outward expression of God’s love for humankind, the Blessing is a simple and powerful ceremony, by which all peoples can participate in a very personal and yet global renewal of the family. Add Corporate Logo Here EXIT andgt;

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