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Using WebQuests in the Classroom: 

Using WebQuests in the Classroom By Alice Tomic

What is a WebQuest?: 

What is a WebQuest? “An inquiry-oriented activity in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet.” -Bernie Dodge, San Diego University

Why Use WebQuests?: 

Why Use WebQuests? Engage Students Research is More Organized Accommodate multiple learning levels A great alternative to the standard “research paper” project Ensures that students are using reliable websites to find their information

How Do I Make a WebQuest?: 

How Do I Make a WebQuest? Choose Your Theme Decide on a Format PowerPoint-Based Website-Based Compile Necessary Resources Find Appropriate Graphics

Elements of a WebQuest: 

Elements of a WebQuest Task General objectives of the project Process Individual Tasks Necessary Resources Conclusion What should they have learned from the project? Evaluation Rubric/Grading Criteria

Sample WebQuest: 

Sample WebQuest


Task In this WebQuest, you will research information that will help you better understand tornados. To understand your specific job in this project, go on to the Process page.


Process First, you need to find out what causes tornados. Second, find out who is most at risk for tornado damage. Finally, outline some safety precautions to take during a tornado.


Conclusion Tornadoes are dangerous weather phenomenon that are very common during this time of year. By completing this project you should have learned some important information about tornadoes so that you can have a safe and happy summer.



Time To Make Your Own…: 

Time To Make Your Own…

The Steps…: 

The Steps… Choose Your Topic (For this practice, keep it simple) Open PowerPoint (Orange “P”) Create a Title Page Create Slides for: Introduction Process Conclusion Evaluation

The Steps (con’t.)…: 

The Steps (con’t.)… Find quality websites that will give the information you’ve requested in your “process” slide & copy site address In the process page, create your hyperlinks. (see next slide)

To Create a HyperLink:: 

To Create a HyperLink: Highlight the text that you want to be the link Go to the “Insert” menu at the top of the page Choose “hyperlink” In bar provided, type in the site address of the site you want to link to

Other Helpful Websites…: 

Other Helpful Websites… Alice’s WebQuest: The WebQuest Portal: (This site contains internet based webquests only)

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