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Law Enforcement2025?: 

Law Enforcement 2025? Kismet or Karma? Commander Sid Heal Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department


Q andamp; A


In a time of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves (well) equipped to live in a world that no longer exists. Eric Hoffer

What have we been missing?: 

What have we been missing? Law enforcement is not a monopoly Increase in Private Security Private Patrol Private detention centers Nearly all crime is historically contextual Carjackings, identity theft, cell phone cloning, Internet fraud Is smoking gradually becoming illegal? Is marijuana gradually becoming legal?


Robberies 1973 2005

Property Crime: 

Property Crime Total Property Burglary Theft GTA 1973 2005

Societal Trends affectingLaw Enforcement: 

Societal Trends affecting Law Enforcement Cashless Society Ubiquitous Connectivity Blurring of War and Crime Transmutation of Culture

Cashless Society: 

Cashless Society Checks, ATM cards, credit cards, debit cards, internet shopping, electronic transfers Counterfeiting? Street robberies? Narco? Terrorism?

Ubiquitous Connectivity: 

Ubiquitous Connectivity Cell phones, PDAs, digital pagers, laptop computers, palm computers, personal radios, Bluetooth headphones, wireless internet, VOIP, ad infinitum Public service typically takes 48 months to embrace a new technology, as opposed to 18 months for personal Increase in absentee ballots Semi-Autonomous, self-dispatched, self-organized responses Flattened hierarchy Incorporation of subject matter experts

Blurring of War and Crime: 

Blurring of War and Crime Soldiers and Marines carrying pepper spray and TASERs English 'Bobbies' carrying submachine guns

Transmutation of Culture: 

Transmutation of Culture Religions, customs, behaviors, politics, traits, etc. from regions and countries to cyberspace In cyberspace, everyone is contiguous! Hobby Tribes Unorthodox ideological inspiration From fanatical fans to irrational ideologues Migration of crime Fraud, identity theft, child pornography, trade secret theft Jurisdictional issues

Five Technology Imperatives: 

Five Technology Imperatives Technology development always follows the path of least resistance Entrance is often in the form of toys (Four zones of privacy) Any technology always precipitates three concerns. It creates new options—thus we are no longer confined by the conventional it challenges assumptions—thus we confront the habitual it blurs ethical guidelines—just because we can do something doesn’t necessarily mean we should In law enforcement capability always exceeds acceptability For every gateway to the future stand a thousand guardians of the past Technology is always in a supporting role Technology testing is always 'in addition to' and not 'instead of.'

Stages of Weapons Development: 

Stages of Weapons Development Innovation — introduced and properly exploited provided substantial, sometimes decisive advantage Standardization — conventional tools and methods of 'doing business' with established and accepted protocols Ritualization — accepted without challenge and habitually employed Satirization — unrecognized obsolescence with unrelenting allegiance

Technology “Bump”: 

Technology 'Bump' Time Effort Technology 'Bump' Status Quo

The “Low Hanging Fruit”: 

The 'Low Hanging Fruit' See-Through-The-Wall Radar Directed Energy Vehicle Stopper Launched Listening Device Active Denial System Global Positioning Systems C4I—Command, Control, Communications, Computers andamp; Intelligence Magnetic Acoustic Device Gunfire Location Systems Automatic License Plate Readers 'Trap line' Camera System Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Community Communications Network Cyber-Command Post


So what are the Implications? Commander Sid Heal Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. Technology Exploration 4700 Ramona Blvd. Monterey Park, CA 91754 323-526-5466 CSHeal@lasd.org

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